Apr 122013

By Julie Wiessner
Darlene McCauley, a student advisor at Winslow Junior High School, was named the school’s new principal last week by the Winslow School District Governing Board.
Sue Pierce of Midstate Energy presented Energy Star Awards to four of the Winslow School District’s five school during the governing board meeting. These awards are given under a program from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Midstate Energy, and note physical changes and upgrades to schools and energy conservation behaviors in order to save energy, such as turning off lights when not in the room and keeping windows shut when the heater is on.
In order to earn the award, a score between 75 and 100 points on a predetermined scale must be achieved. The Energy Star Awards went to Bonnie Brennan, Jefferson and, Washington elementary schools, and WJHS.
“The high school also scored high enough to qualify, but they have a special challenge because of the fact that the campus is so spread out,” said Pierce, who noted that she would apply again in subsequent years.
In other action April 3, the board:
* Ratified payroll and expense vouchers in the amount of $584,334.71.
* Approved the hiring of Sarah Moore as a math teacher at Winslow High School.
* Approved the transfer of Jennifer Romero from special education secretary to accounts payable specialist for the district, Amanda Leonard from sixth grade teacher to academic coach at Bonnie Brennan School, Jodie Garner from reading coach to academic coach at Jefferson School, Debra Lopez from fourth grade teacher to academic coach at Washington School, Larissa Richards from English teacher at WJHS to academic coach at WJHS and WHS, Ruby Carson from bookkeeper to secretary at WHS and LaRita Nelson, from part-time GEAR UP tutor to math teacher at WJHS.
* Approved the retirement of district custodian Raynald Passmore.
* Approved the selection of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company Inc. as placement agent and for associated services related to the potential issuance of refunding bonds in order to refinance the school improvement bonds.
* Approved all matters necessary for the sale and issuance of refunding bonds, including delegation of determinations of certain matters to the business manager and superintendent by Stifel, Nicolaus & Company Inc., as presented by Bryan Lundberg.
This will allow the district to refinance the school improvement bonds to take advantage of lower interest rates. The estimated savings will be $117,106, a little over five percent. This resolution would authorize the issuance of refunding bonds on the $12,115,000 outstanding principle, set the savings parameter and approve documents. The board approved a minimum savings parameter of $100,000.
* Approved a bond placement agreement.
* Was led in a discussion by Lundberg about the pros and cons regarding the early renewal of the Maintenance & Operations override, which will be up for renewal in 2014.
* Approved tax credit activities and fees for Jefferson School for family reading and math night, field trips, materials needed to teach enrichment during intercession for two weeks and for the character education program.
* Approved a request for guidelines for overnight field trips for elementary students in grades five and six.
This includes lists, forms and what to pack for each trip.