Apr 172013

By Greg Perkins
Competing at the Blue Ridge Invitational meet last Friday along with 23 other teams, Snowflake won the boys’ division with 144 points, followed by Campo Verde with 100. 5 and Show Low in third with 74. Blue Ridge took top honors in the girls’ division with 119 points. Snowflake placed second with 111.5 and Show Low was again third with 91.
In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Lehi Caldwell placed 26th, Drew Schneider, 31st, and Bowen Sweeney, 37th.
In the 200 meter dash, Everett Lunt was 19th and Drew Schneider, 33rd.
In the 400 meter dash, Joey Cox placed third and Allan Perkins, 21st.
In the 800 meter run, Jordan Gardner placed first, Thad Frei, 11th, Kaydn Davis, 16th, and Bryon Hanlon, 39th.
In the 1600 meter run, Hyrum Hanlon was 16th, Kaydn Davis, 22nd, Daylon Flake, 38th, and Jesse Lewis, 47th.
In the 110 meter hurdles, Dustin Shumway placed second, Brenton Ballard, 10th, Kirt Solomon, 11th, and Mathew Tenney, 14th.
In the 300 meter hurdles, Dustin Shumway placed first, Brenton Ballard, sixth, Kirt Solomon, 12th, and Mathew Tenney, 19th.
In the 4×100 meter relay, the team of Jeff Hannon Brooks, Landon Godfrey, Kegan Kay and Dustin Shumway placed fourth.
In the 4×400 meter relay, Jeff Hannon Brooks, Jordan Gardner, Joey Cox and Dustin Shumway took first.
The Lobos also placed first in the 4×800 meter relay with the team of Joey Cox, Jordan Gardner, Jacob Johnson and Thad Frei.
The Lobos swept the top spots in the shot put with J.T. Bradley taking first, Chase Walden, second, Reggie Peterson, third, and Logan Rackley, fifth.
In the discus, Reggie Peterson took first, J.T. Bradley, second, Alex Denham, 17th, and Logan Rackley, 31st.
In the high jump, Kegan Kay was fourth, Everett Lunt, fifth, Kirt Solomon, 11th, and Keagan Bjorn, 13th.
In the pole vault, Quentin Scott took first, Matt Babb, sixth, and Jacob Johnson and Austin Webster tied for 10th.
In the long jump, Chase Walden was second, Landon Godfrey, fourth, and Brenton Ballard and Kegan Kay tied for 11th.
In the triple jump, Landon Godfrey was sixth, Kirt Solomon, 13th, and Keagan Bjorn, 15th.
In the girls’ 100 meter dash, Vanessa Fox placed seventh, McKenzie Wood, 11th, Kadi Johnson, 14th, and Skylee Scott, 20th.
In the 200 meter dash, Sydney Olson was third, Alexis Buelteman, 15th, Jessica Neff, 18th, and Nikki Hill, 20th.
In the 400 meter dash, Melissa Allen placed second, Lilly Perkins, 14th, and Britlee Merrell, 23rd.
In the 800 meter run, Shelby Prestwich was 17th, Adrianna Rosales, 24th, and Kamala Ashcroft, 26th.
In the 1600 meter run, Kamala Ashcroft was 28th and Shelby Prestwich, 31st.
In the 100 meter hurdles, Kianna Natividad took first, Kilee Richards, fourth, Annika Decker, 10th, and Rebecca Neff, 12th.
In the 300 meter hurdles, Rebecca Neff finished in fourth place, Kilee Richards, fifth, and Annika Decker, 13th.
In the 4×100 meter relay, the team of Kianna Natividad, Kadi Johnson, Sydney Olson and McKenzie Wood finished in third place.
The group of Jessica Neff, Lilly Perkins, Skylee Richards and Melissa Allen finished in fourth place in the 4×400 meter relay.
In the 4×800 meter relay, the combo of Kamala Ashcroft, Shelby Prestwich, Adrianna Rosales and Rebecca Neff placed eighth.
In the shot put, Jessica Neff took first, Hanah Uchytil, fifth, Heather Beatty, 22nd, and Mariah Rolow, 34th.
In the discus, Jessica Neff placed third, Hanah Uchytil, 13th, Mariah Rolow, 27th, and Heather Beatty, 40th.
Vanessa Fox won the high jump, Annika Decker and Mikaila Jordan tied for seventh, and Hanah Uchytil, placed 11th.
In the pole vault, Annika Decker was eighth, Lilly Perkins and Skylee Scott tied for 10th, and Jessica Whipple placed 13th.
In the long jump, Vanessa Fox placed third, and Kadi Johnson, fourth.
In the triple jump, Sydney Olson finished in third place, Kadi Johnson, fourth, Kilee Richards, eighth, and Britlee Merrell, ninth.