Apr 242013

By Julie Wiessner
A meeting for residents interested in improving Winslow through job development, a recreation facility, new housing and its beautification will be held at 5:30 tonight (April 24) at the Hubbell Trading Post. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
The Northern Arizona Economic Development Planning Group, funded under Housing and Urban Development (HUD), asked a group of citizens to form a steering committee and list some action steps to improve the city.
The group of citizens has now become two groups, and call themselves the Pride of Winslow Beautification Super Stars (PWBSS). John Henling and Tess Kenna head the two groups, and have selected state, county and city entities in which to cooperate.
“This is a grass-roots effort and it is just starting up. If you would like to have some input as to what could be done with our city, please come to the meeting,” said Kenna.
The PWBSS group has already held trash pickup and cleaning efforts in which Daisies and Brownies cleaned two acres, and LDS church members cleaned two lots. Members of the city’s police and fire departments were also involved in the clean-up efforts, and brought safety vests for participants to wear near roadways.