May 032013

By Nick Worth
The proposed budget for the City of Holbrook for fiscal year 2013-14 will be presented to the mayor and city council for approval in a special work session scheduled at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 6, in the council chambers.
The budget, as set forth by City Finance Director Randy Sullivan, shows an expected decrease overall in both revenues and expenses for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1.
According to Sullivan, actual revenues through March 31 are $6,983,173. The budgeted amount was $10,163,631 and based on the revenue flow, he projects actual total revenues for this fiscal year of $9,898,071. Under proposed revenues for 2013-14, Sullivan has budgeted $9,674,972, which shows a decrease of $223,099 from this year’s expected total revenues.
This year’s projected expenses were set at $10,151,132 in the 2012/13 budget. Actual expenses through March 31 have been $7,643,345, with a projected total of $9,801,549 by June 30. Sullivan has budgeted $9,674,973, which is a $126,576 decrease in expenses from this year’s expected total.
The general fund totals $4,159,593, with the largest portion going to the police department, with budgeted expenses of $1,697,924. Payroll expenses account for $1,250,815 of the police department’s budget. Administration is next, with $668,537, of which $388,537 falls under payroll. Parks and Recreation follows with $426,849, of which $231,349 is budgeted in payroll for the year.
In the utilities fund, the water department has budgeted expenses of $741,383 for the Holbrook and the Sun Valley water systems, with payroll accounting for $442,233 of that total. Sanitation has a budget of $680,334 of which $263,075 is in payroll, and wastewater is budgeted at $512,828, with $199,528 in payroll expenses. Including capital for the water and wastewater of $450,000 each and a debt service in wastewater of $495,242, the utilities budget totals $3,329,788.
Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) are expected to total $624,834, all of which has been budgeted as expenses related to streets projects. Grants totaling $1,505,389 are expected in revenues and budgeted under expenses.
Sullivan said one reason this year’s budget is lower is because the contingency funds have been lowered.
“We lowered the contingencies quite a bit,” Sullivan said. He noted that last year he budgeted $700,000 in the general fund and $600,000 in the utilities fund for contingencies. This year the two were budgeted at $300,000 and $500,000, respectively.
He also noted the state imposes an expenditure limit on the city.
“In the past we have voted to accept an alternative expenditure limitation so we weren’t under the state’s limitations,” Sullivan said. “We have to bring this to a vote every four years and we did not put it to the vote this time.”
He said he and City Manager Ray Alley felt it was not necessary at this time.
“If you don’t vote for the alternative expenditure limitations, you fall under the state’s limitations, so we have to cut some money out to fall under the state’s limitations,” he said.