May 082013

By Naomi Hatch
Taylor Town Attorney Sterling Solomon opened discussion of alleged town code violations at the May 1 town council meeting by explaining that Councilman Gary Solomon placed this item on the agenda, and the councilman’s statement would not necessarily reflect the views of the town.
Councilman Solomon read his prepared statement noting alleged town code violations of Jason Hatch regarding sewer hookups in the industrial park.
“What’s the purpose of this, Gary,” asked Councilman Jared Hatch.
Councilman Solomon responded that Jason Hatch was pursing $207,000 in legal fees.
“To who, the town of Taylor?” asked Councilman Hatch.
Solomon responded, “To me.”
“It sounds to me like it’s a private matter,” said Councilman Hatch.
Jason Hatch came into council chambers at the end of the discussion, but was not asked to speak.
Mayor Fay Hatch asked if council had any comments and when no one spoke. he said, “It’s on the record, so I don’t know if anything else needs said tonight.”