May 102013

By Julie Wiessner
The city has been busy working on improvements and City Manager Jim Ferguson revealed what has recently been completed, and what they expect to complete by the end of the year.
According to Ferguson, Renaissance I, II, and III have been completed. The term Renaissance is used by the city to signify rebirth of the city by making improvements to the area.
Renaissance I included Heritage Trail on the south side of First Street, from the Chamber of Commerce/ Visitors Center building, (the old Hubbell building) to La Posada. It features completed sidewalks, landscaping, and new lighting fixtures. The entire downtown area and connector streets between Second and Third Streets have also had these upgrades.
Renaissance II and III include an eight-block area in central downtown from Berry Avenue to Williamson Avenue. This area also has had sidewalks, lighting and street furniture and landscaping completed.
Renaissance IV has to do with improvements to Transcon Lane, but the project has experienced delays due to the Arizona Department of Transportation conducting a study of the area. Ferguson noted, “I am not sure when they will get back to the city with the results of their study.”
The city pool is currently getting a makeover. The entire bathhouse has been renovated, painted, with new partitions, a new floor, new showers, and the old heater has been replaced with a new energy efficient heater. The pool itself is being re-lined and the city is hoping to have this work completed for its opening in late May.
East First Street in Taylor Town will be getting some street improvements including gutters and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp sidewalks.
A second project in Taylor Town came from a State Special Fund and will involve the installation of gutters, and sidewalks with ADA ramps from between First and Second Streets on Cottonwood, Taylor, Parker, Leonard and Alder Avenues.
The Lindbergh Regional Airport was approved for a grant from the Federal Aviation Association and the federal government for $1.5 million. Through a state program, pavement preservation on Taxi Way A will begin this summer. Ferguson explained, “Contractors are already contacting the city about different bits of information to make an informed bid on the project.”
There is also work being done on what use to be called City Park. “Because we lost a young man in the Little League baseball game, we are changing the name of the park to The Hayden Walton Sports Complex,” said Ferguson. The young boy had a heart condition and was hit in the chest with a pitch, causing his death. “We have contracted for a statue of him, which is almost finished and hope to have it up in the park before little league begins again this year,” noted Ferguson. The people of Winslow feel it important to remember to think safety first; with whatever sport they are endeavoring to play.”
According to Paul Ferris, Winslow City Planner, the Fresenius Medical Care Winslow Dialysis Center, currently located at 1313 East Third Street will be moving to a new center on Mike’s Pike Blvd., directly south of Walmart that is currently under construction. They have broken ground and have the concrete curbing poured for the parking lot at this time.
Ferris also said the owners of a Carl’s Jr. franchise have turned in a building drawing and have applied for the appropriate permits. These plans are still in the review process.
There is also ongoing construction happening at Winslow Indian Health Center. Right now, a medical office building is under construction, however, noted Ferris, “The city is not overseeing construction of the building; the Bureau of Indian Affairs has control of that.”