May 152013

By Julie Wiessner
Winslow officials hope to have a statue of Hayden Walton in place on Maple Street between Colorado and Cope and east of Vargas Stadium for the 2013 Little League season. In addition, what used to be called City Park will now be known as The Hayden Walton Sports Complex.
Thirteen-year-old Hayden died after being hit in the chest by a pitch during a Little League game in 2011. He did not suffer from a previous heart condition, as was erroneously reported in the May 10 edition of the newspaper.
He loved sports and was an outstanding baseball player. He was a member of Angels Little League Senior team. He always worked hard and played hard, and his death had a great impact on the community. Renaming the old City Park and placing his statue will not only honor young Hayden’s memory, but will serve to encourage young athletes to remember to think safety first, no matter the sport they are playing, according to City Manager Jim Ferguson.