May 172013

By Sam Conner
Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Director Ken Strobeck addressed the Winslow City Council Tuesday evening on a myriad of issues.
Strobeck spoke of several proposals the league is concerned with in the legislature. Several bills are under consideration that the league opposes as being harmful to cities and towns, and several the league supports as being helpful. Those bills mostly deal with taxes and auditing. He cited one proposal which would deal with prime contracting as grossly unfair and one dealing with auditing as highly desirable.
He said that the budget battle is progressing and may be decided this week.
Governor Jan Brewer’s proposal to expand Medicare coverage is an issue of contention at the legislature, and that issue will likely determine how and whether a budget is adopted. Expanding Medicare would actually bring more funds to Arizona than would be required to pay for it under the Affordable Health Care Act, but such action is still opposed by many in the legislature.