May 172013

By Julie Wiessner
The Holbrook School District Governing Board unanimously approved the hiring of Tim Newton-Pender as the new Holbrook Junior High School assistant principal Tuesday evening.
After consideration of candidates and interviews in the administrative search for the position, Newton-Pender, a former principal at Hulet Elementary School who resigned in May 2010, was selected for the position. Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich will continue as HJHS principal for the new school year.
The board also approved a resolution ordering and calling for a special Maintenance and Operations budget override election on Nov. 5. Voter approval would grant a continuation of a 10 percent secondary tax that has been in place since 1983. “This is not additional funding, but a continuation of existing funding, and we hope our patrons will continue to support us,” stated Koerperich.
In other action May 14, the board:
* Approved a policy revision for graduation requirements recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association, which outlines the credit requirements to include new math and science credits as set forth by the State Board of Education.
* Approved a policy revision pertaining to the admission of transfer students to align with new graduation requirements for students transferring credits to Holbrook High School.
* Approved a policy revision that changes the liquidated damages assessed when a certified employee breaks a contract after June 15 from $1,500 to $2,500. Liquidated damages are used to repay the costs of replacing the certified employee and are imposed at the discretion of the governing board.
* Approved out of state travel for Stephanie Peters and Kobi Koerperich for Fuel Up 60 Training scheduled July 10-13 in Charlotte, N.C. All expenses will be paid through the Fuel Up 60 Grant.
* Approved out of state travel for Amber Dennis to attend the summer GEAR UP Conference scheduled July 14-17 in San Francisco, Calif. All expenses will be paid through the GEAR UP grant.
* Approved summer activities as a school sponsored event although funding sources will vary from clubs, federal programs and other funds beyond the maintenance and operations budget.
* Approved the addition of a teaching position at Indian Wells Elementary School due to increased enrollment dependent upon enrollment figures for the upcoming school year.
* Approved placing Heidi Hunsaker on a part-time leave of absence contract for the 2013-14 school year, beginning Oct. 11.
* Approved Theatre Art as an additional course at HJHS. The course will be presented as an elective for seventh and eighth grade students, and will be taught by Nan Newberry.
* Authorized the exploration of funding options through First Things First and Navajo Abandoned Mine Land, and capital development plans for an addition to the IWES preschool facilities.
* Authorized a correction to the fiscal year 2012 annual financial report. The report failed to include actual revenue of $100,000 and actual expenditures of $100,000.
* Accepted the independent auditors report and uniform system of financial records compliance questionnaire findings for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.
* Approved the first year non-exempt support staff hourly pay rate placement schedule.
*Approved the notice of appointments for all listed support staff.
* Authorized payment to support staff members who successfully completed the first part of the district’s Proposition 301 Performance Pay Plan.
* Approved the selection of board member Linda Yazzie as a delegate and Board President Olivia Jacquez as an alternate for the Arizona School Boards Association Delegate Assembly scheduled on Saturday, Sept. 7.
* Authorized discussion of a list of legislative initiatives to submit to ASBA on behalf of the district.
* Approved Koerperich and Garry McDowell as the district’s authorized representatives on the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) annual general statement of assurance for fiscal year 2014.
* Approved the student handbook for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved recognition of the Pride Choir as a tax credit eligible club beginning in the 2013-14 school year.
* Approve the Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics course for HHS for the upcoming school year.
* Approved a 60 day review of Government in America-People, Politics, and Policy for the Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics course.
* Approved Fusion and other fine arts electives courses for the upcoming school year.
* Approved the Introduction to Spanish course for the upcoming year.
* Approved the HHS summer school credit recovery program to be held June 1-21.
* Approved hiring Annie Bahe as IWES substitute custodian; Rebecca Naranjo, Hulet daycare substitute caregiver; Brennan Harding, HHS student on the job training; Micah McClellan, student cafeteria worker; Savannah Fischer, student computer services; and Nichole Lozano, HJHS secretary.
* Approved the resignations of Stacy Wilt as an IWES sixth grade teacher; Amanda Dine, IWES fourth grade teacher; Kathi Bloomfield, HJHS sixth grade teacher; Erin Cuniffe, HJHS Title I intervention specialist; Stevie Jackson, Career and Technical Education teacher; Jolene Myers, Park Elementary School teacher; Del Novell, HJHS athletic director; Kelli Buckwalter, HHS teacher; Tabatha Jackson, cafeteria worker; Sarah Wakeland, Hulet Elementary School daycare assistant caregiver; and Tyler Foree, Jeffery Strong and Zackary Smithson, computer services technicians.
* Approved the retirement of Patsy Barela as cafeteria head cook; and the reduction to nine-month employee status for Michael Barela.
* Approved employment of Rachel Weeks as an IWES first grade teacher; Carrie Cook, IWES third grade teacher; and Estefana Chavez, HJHS English teacher.
* Approved extra duty for Ryan Attakai and Hoby Wilhelm, IWES sports officials; Robin Stradling, HJHS Project Skilz director; Greg Perkins and Randy Hensley, Employee Wellness Program; Faith Caffey, Cheryl Carlson, Sylvia Jackson, Dale Larsen, James Mendell, Ginny Novell and Jeff Strong, teachers for dual enrollment courses for Northland Pioneer College, spring 2013; and Beth Baloo, Tim Gurczynski, Joy Burroughs, Jeff Strong and Erik Carlson, summer school teachers.
* Approved Mary Gurule Chee as a Special Olympics bus driver.
* Approved professional leave for Charles Haussman to attend Arizona State University Spring Education Interview Day on May 7 in Tempe at an estimated cost of $172, plus use of a district vehicle; Connie Gover, Arizona Special Education Law Conference scheduled June 25 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $392, plus use of a district vehicle; and Jim Mendell, Arizona Career and Technical Education Assessments on April 13 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $355.14.
Beth Baloo and Lorie Jensen, Arizona Public Service Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics School scheduled June 3-7 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $948.24, plus use of a district vehicle; Connie Gover, Karalyn Reidhead, Karen Estridge, Stephanie Bridegam and Carey Kester, Assistive Technology Grant training on May 2 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $720.38, plus use of a district vehicle; and Connie Gover and Peggy Redmon, Special Education Annual Data Collection scheduled May 17 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $22, plus use of a district vehicle.
Connie Gover, Director Institute scheduled Aug. 26-28 in Glendale at an estimated cost of $429; and Donna Campbell, Lance Phaturos, Dan Nielson, Cindy Percy, JoAnn DeWitt, Cheryl Carlson, Paul Demuth and Daniel Mitchell, Leadership Core Team Retreat scheduled June 13 and 14 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $2,464, plus use of district vehicles.
Donna Campbell, JoAnn DeWitt, Cindy Percy, Cheryl Carlson, Daniel Mitchell, Dan Nielson and Paul Demuth, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Conference for S3 Grant scheduled June 18 and 19 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $2537.78, plus use of district vehicles; Patty Singer and Karalyn Reidhead, Clinical Methods on April 22 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $28; and Donna Campbell, Student Assistant Program Coordinator Training scheduled June 5 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $43.
Janelle Chee, Extreme Make Over Pell Edition on May 3 in Phoenix; Audrey Morris, Reaching for Excellence in School Health scheduled July 15-17 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $306; and Robbie Koerperich, Title I Committee of Practitioners meeting on May 10 in Glendale at an estimated cost of $132.
Teri White, ADE Performance Measure Training on April 26 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost $11; Julie Fields, Empowerment Scholarship Account Meeting on May 13 in Snowflake, use of a district vehicle; Sylvia Jackson, Navajo Language Academy scheduled July 8-26 in Tsaile at an estimated cost of $515; and Audrey Morris, fifth annual School Healthcare Conference scheduled June 29 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $89.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers totaling $566,606.49, and payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,140,569.99.