May 222013

By Julie Wiessner
The first Red Rock Native Arts Guild, Arts and Dance Festival will be held Friday through Sunday, May 24-26, at the Eagle Pavilion, 523 W. Second St., behind the Old Hubbell Building in Winslow. The gates will open at 9 a.m. each day.
This is an all-native production, sponsored by the Red Rock Native Arts Guild, founded by Robert Crying Red Bear, a Cree Native American, and his wife, Elvena “Pep” Taylor.
On Saturday only, 12 Hopi dancers with a repertoire of several different kinds of dances will perform throughout the day.
On all three days, art will be on display for sale by members of the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, Plains, Cheyenne, San Domingo and many more Native American tribes. Demonstrations will include Hopi artists creating Kachina dolls, silver jewelry, pottery and pottery basics, basket weaving, native skull art consisting of buffalo, cow, deer and ram skulls, and also the art of batik.
“In Winslow, a very long time ago, there used to be an event like this,” noted Crying Red Bear. He and his wife are in charge of making sure the artists get there. The couple does not want any Native culture to become obscure or die out. The natives are willing to tell their history by using the art they create.
So far, Crying Red Bear says, “There will be at least 20 to 35 performers and artists at the event, however, more than 60 applications went out and we have not gotten all of them back yet. We are really excited to see what happens.”
In the near future, Crying Red Bear plans to open an office in Winslow. He hopes this event will turn into an annual event for the Native population to showcase their talents and share their knowledge.