May 222013

By Naomi Hatch
An intergovernmental agreement between the towns of Snowflake and Taylor to ensure enough water is available for fire suppression with the coming of a Walmart store was approved May 15 by the Snowflake Town Council.
“Walmart is coming in,” said Town Manager Paul Watson, who noted that six months ago Taylor and Snowflake representatives met with Walmart representatives, and the firm is anxious to move forward with its Taylor store.
“One issue is that in case of fire the volume that they (Walmart) will need for fire suppression is more than can be handled by the Taylor water system, actually more than could be handled by our water system, as well,” said Watson.
He explained that the concept of an agreement for water supply between the towns is that the two water systems would tie together.
On the Snowflake side there would be two backflow valves, which means Taylor water could not come into the Snowflake system. On the Taylor side there would be a pressure release valve so that if there were a fire or major event that Taylor responded to and the water pressure dropped, the drop in pressure would open the Snowflake system and allow enough water to take care of the situation.
Watson said that each side would be maintained by the regulatory agency and Snowflake water used would be metered.
In response to a question posed by Mayor Kelly Willis, Watson said that Walmart will pay for the extension line.
Councilman Tom Poscharsky pointed out that is one of the terms for the revenue sharing agreement.
The town attorneys and town managers met to review the agreement, which was approved May 1 by the Taylor Town Council.
The Snowflake Council unanimously approved the agreement for water supply between the towns.