May 222013

By Naomi Hatch
After members of the Snowflake Town Council were advised last week that funding will be available in 2015-17 to fund a sign inventory for Snowflake and other towns, they approved a memorandum of understanding to show commitment to the project. An intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation will be needed before the project begins.
Public Works Superintendent Terry Cooper explained the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is administered by ADOT, which, in turn, coordinates with the regional council of governments. HSIP requires a data driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety, and is disbursing funds to upgrade and rehabilitate signs.
The Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) serves the four-county region in northern Arizona, and will identify, prioritize and program the HSIP projects. Cooper said that Navajo County will receive $150,000 of the $600,000 received annually by NACOG for such projects.
Cooper noted that due to changes to the requirements for sign sizes, sign pronouncements, signposts and retroreflectivity under the 2009 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devises, sign programs are eligible for funds under HSIP.
Meeting HSIP requirements for projects is data driven and implemented by a strategic approach, which requires a sign inventory before proceeding with any upgrades or rehabilitations. Snowflake does not have a sign inventory, but due to the significant number of communities within NACOG that have not completed sign inventories, NACOG has arranged for nine communities to work together to hire a consultant and complete the inventory.
Cooper reported that there will be no cost to the Town of Snowflake for this project, and that funds will be available in fiscal years 2015 through 2017 to complete the work.
In other business May 15, the council invited several community members to discuss town sponsored activities, including Doug Mill for the Pioneer Day Celebration, Snowflake Heritage Foundation President Arlene Flake for the 12 Days of Christmas, and Snowflake-Taylor Chamber of Commerce President JoAnne Guderian, Executive Director Charlotte Hatch and staff member Nancy Noble.
The chamber is involved in Pioneer Days with the craft show and organizes the first day of the 12 Days of Christmas. The car show has been cancelled this year, so it was suggested that the chamber oversee the car show. They will be looking for a volunteer to help such things as sponsors and trophies.
Councilwoman Bev Kay, who is in charge of the Frontier Drive program for the 12 Days of Christmas, made several suggestions that were discussed.
Drew Griffin was present representing the Sweet Tri, which will be held in conjunction with Taylor’s Sweet Corn Festival. He said that he is taking over the Sweet Tri and will donate proceeds to the swimming pool, as has been done in previous years.