May 242013

Major Boys
May 6: Browns 18, Cubs 0. Players of the game, Kobi Koerperich and Sam Meeks.
May 7: Red Sox 15, Cardinals 11.
May 8: Browns 13, Cardinals 3. Players of the game, Eric Baldonado and Logan Hatch.
May 9: Red Sox 8, Cubs 3. Players of the game, Jonah Whitman and Jayden Baloo.
May 13: Browns 17, Red Sox 2. Players of the game, Brett Buckley and Aden Thomas.
Players of the game are sponsored by Maverik.
Junior Girls
Holbrook 27, St. Johns 4.
Mariah Kelley had an in the park home run on a dropped strike three.
The Junior Girls are coached by Tim Kelley.