Jun 122013

By Naomi Hatch
The four outgoing Taylor Town council members were honored at the June 5 council meeting for their service to the town.
Vice Mayor Jane Lee served six years and said she had enjoyed serving and working with other council members, as well as the staff, noting, “I made some dear friends.” She said she had learned a lot about law and town matters, and stated, “I think everyone needs to take a turn on the council,” because they don’t always understand the workings of the town and serving on the council gives a better understanding.
Councilman Jared Hatch said he was grateful for the privilege to serve on the council, stating, “It’s been a wonderful experience for me and I’ve learned a lot as I served on this council…It was a great experience to see all aspects of how the town is run and how different it is than I envisioned it to be before I ran.” Hatch served a four-year term.
Councilman Mark Reed said, “I guess, like Jane (Lee), I didn’t really know what all went into running a community and I’ve learned to really, really appreciate the mayor’s position, the amount of time that goes into running a community, even a small community like ours.” He said it was a privilege to get to know the staff better and noted that he appreciates them.
Councilman Alan Ramage was appointed and served on the council for just over two years. “It’s bittersweet,” he said of leaving the council, and encouraged the town to replace him on the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Committee and the Senior Center Board, noting, “All of those organizations I tried to be a little of, and I enjoyed that.” He said he appreciates Town Clerk Kelly Jones and was glad to see Town Manager Gus Lundberg in his new position.
“How grateful I am for them and their service,” said Mayor Fay Hatch of the outgoing council members, noting that it would be easier to stand by and let someone else serve. “These citizens were willing to stand forward and accept their assignments…to make Taylor a successful community.” He went on to say that they have been a little gun shy due to the economy, and he hopes they turn things around “in work and cooperation with other communities in the area and the county government, working to bring businesses and whatever we can into this community, because that’s what we need most.”
Mayor Hatch presented each of the outgoing council members with a plaque in appreciation of their dedicated service on the council.