Jun 142013

By Julie Wiessner
Members of the Holbrook School District Governing Board approved Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich’s performance pay of $2,500 for goals set at the beginning of the year during Tuesday’s meeting.
According to Koerperich, “The performance pay amount of $2,500 for the superintendent is the same amount that can be earned by any administrator, principal or teacher if they and their students meet the criteria set forth for them to earn it.”
Koerperich continued, “It is at the discretion of the school board to set the percentage for how much of a superintendent’s pay is involved in performance.”
In 2010, the Arizona Legislature enacted a mandatory Superintendent’s Performance Pay Law that mandates school boards add up to 20 percent of the superintendent’s salary as a performance pay element to a superintendent’s contract.
For the most part, the goals are for how well students improve throughout the year, how parents view the school and how well implementation of goals for the school district have been conducted.
The superintendent’s performance pay is based on a set of five goals, which are each two percent of the score for the year. School board members review the first two goals in November, including the district will have the highest quality programs to achieve academic success, and will develop its leadership to become the highest quality leaders possible.
The third goal is reviewed in December by board members and notes that the district will develop its professional/support staff to become the highest quality educators.
The final two goals are reviewed in June, and note that the district will develop parental and community relations as partnerships for student success, and will be committed to recognizing those it serves for their accomplishments.
The criteria set for the superintendent earning performance pay are based on Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) results for grades three through 12, evidence of significant growth in student achievement and AZ LEARNS profile, a survey completed by parents, staff, students and administrative cabinet, and evidence of significant implementation of district goals and overall district accomplishments.
In other action June 11, the board:
* Approved the schedule for governing board meeting dates as being the second Tuesday of each month for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved governing board members, the superintendent and the board secretary to attend all Arizona School Boards Association training and conferences during the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved paying the performance pay incentives known as “The Power of 5/Power of All Projects” as earned stipends for certified teachers and administrators. Funding for performance pay will be paid from Proposition 301 funds, Title II funds and desegregation/maintenance and operations funding.
* Approved the $5,000 Walk On grant and budget, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, for Hulet Elementary School. The grant money will be used to motivate students to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines, and to integrate more fitness and education and health activities.
* Approved contracts for counseling services to Dean McNamee, Arizona Psychological Services and Michael Gerner Consulting for the counseling position at Indian Wells Elementary School. The district has been unable to place a full-time certified elementary counselor in that position.
* Approved an agreement with the Arizona Teaching Fellows to actively recruit hard to fill teaching positions for the district called, The New Teacher Project. Final approval of all applicants will rest with the district, which will only incur a recruitment fee if the Arizona Teaching Fellows recruits an acceptable candidate. That candidate will also be required to attend a training provided by the Arizona Teaching Fellows.
* Approved a partnership with Grand Canyon University to increase college oriented services to both staff and students. The partnership gives discounts for staff to continue undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees, and offers dual enrollment courses for current high school students.
* Approved hiring Rebecca Naranjo as a Hulet part-time daycare assistant; Savannah Fischer, computer services student technician; and Nichole Gohl, computer services student technician.
* Approved the resignation of support staff member Colletta Keesee, a cafeteria worker.
* Approved certified hiring, including Cheri Grau as an IWES sixth grade teacher; Taylor Lee, Holbrook Junior High School seventh grade science teacher; Aaron Allooh, HJHS math teacher; Derek Eckman, Holbrook High School math teacher; and Jeremy Madison, HHS Career and Technical Education teacher.
* Approved the certified resignations of Ryan Rivera, HJHS math teacher; and Kimberly Dedman, IWES pre-school.
* Approved extra duty for Stephanie Bifano for registration; Julie Fairbanks and Amanda Remos, each to perform 45-day evaluation/screenings; Sunny Obren, five days to fiscal year 2013 contract; Keith Wheeler HJHS athletic director; Nichole Lozano, additional hours from May 28-31; Erik Carlson, HHS summer school English; Shannon Knight, HHS summer school social studies; Jeff Strong, HHS summer school math; Annette Rothman, Lisa Little, Joann Smith and Deb Koerperich, Park Elementary School summer school; Beth Baloo, Tim Gurczynski, Debbie Font and Joy Burroughs, HJHS summer school; Monica Fancher, HJHS registration; John Bokker HHS summer weights; Dawn Turley, an hour increase to make deposits; and Tammy Miles, IWES extended services.
* Approved an iPad Mini donation to the district by Mid-State Energy.
* Approved professional leave for Amber Dennis to attend the Arizona Public Service Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Conference held June 3-7 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $864; Donna Campbell, Team Leadership Academy for School Safety Grant S3 held June 11 and 12 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $345.84; Jeri McKinnon and Marlena Day, Math Camp scheduled July 14-19 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $2,034; and Amber Dennis, AZ Explore Summit scheduled June 13 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $279.
Charles Haussman, Together We Shine Assessment Summit held June 7 in Prescott at an estimated cost of $235, plus use of a district vehicle; Adrian Tubbs and Dale Larsen, Taste of Welding Workshop held June 3-7 in Show Low at an estimated cost of $1,000, plus use of a district vehicle; and Connie Gover, Tammy Miles, Carey Kester, Stacy Nowell and Amanda Remos, Response to Intervention Summer Institute scheduled June 12 and 13 in Phoenix at an estimate cost of $2,897.22, plus use of a district vehicle.
Connie Gover, Leadership Academy, The Trust, scheduled June 19-21 in Flagstaff; Cindy Percy, Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance held June 11 in Window Rock; and LaVerne Joe, Jeff Font and Layton Paddock, Transportation Administrators of Arizona Conference scheduled June 17-20 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $1704.36, plus use of a district vehicle.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers in the amount of $577,732.22.
* Approved payroll and expense vouchers in the amount of $2,538,407.66.