Jun 212013

By Julie Wiessner
The Navajo County Community College District Governing Board approved a three-year contract for Northland Pioneer College President Dr. Jeanne Swarthout at $162,145.41 annually. Her salary is the lowest in the state for community college presidents.
With three new board members, Swarthout’s performance review took some time to get through Tuesday.
When speaking about her salary, Swarthout noted, “For me, its not about the money. What’s most important is getting people what they need.”
The only change to her salary over last year’s is a three percent increase approved for all employees in a previous board meeting. These increases will begin on July 1, as that date begins the 2013-14 fiscal year.
In a prior separate meeting, the board heard master facilities plan results from the DLR group which conducted the study for the college. This is planning for the future, such as 10 to 15 years ahead. It is a multi-phase, multi-year process, and includes identifying educational strategies, determining the educational programs that will meet those needs, then constructing, renovating or acquiring facilities to house the most critical programs to meet future needs and growth.
The process identified renovation work totaling nearly $1 million and deferred maintenance amounting to more than $250,000. Following are recommendations for the four campuses at NPC.
For the White Mountain Campus in Show Low, it is suggested to develop a new Allied Health building, a new Skills Center and a Community Multipurpose building with a combined price tag of more than $21.5 million.
The suggested improvement for the Silver Creek Campus in Snowflake/Taylor is the expansion of the Performing Arts annex building at a cost of approximately $650,000.
For the Painted Desert Campus in Holbrook, the suggestion was to expand the currently under construction Skills Center for an estimated $10.5 million.
Improvements suggested for the Little Colorado Campus in Winslow include relocation of the cosmetology program for more efficiency at an estimated cost of $350,000. Other future needs dependent on growth included the development of a student services building.
Board discussion followed, with staff answering a number of questions.
In a future session, the plan will be prioritized and moved forward for further consideration.
During the regular meeting, the board heard two different reviews of procedures and an audit.
One procedure is for registered sex offenders who want to attend college.
Vice President of Learning and Student Services Mark Vest explained, “There was no process in place to ensure the safety of other students on campus. There have been three registered sex offenders that wanted to enroll at campuses in the last five years.”
This procedure describes every step in a process that registered sex offenders must follow when seeking enrollment.
Also heard was the student grievance procedure, which has been clarified, revised and re-written for greater clarity.
An audit of funds held and expended by the Northeast Arizona Training Center (NATC) is planned. NATC board members have reviewed quotes from several audit firms and have awarded the audit contract totaling $8,500 to Nordstrom and Associates, P.C., which will begin field work July 8.
The audit scope includes: a one-year audit of the nonprofit entity for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013; the first audit of the nonprofit entity results in auditing beginning and ending balances; a final audit report available no later than Sept. 30, which will include a statement of financial position, a statement of activities, and a statement of cash flows and related notes; the possibility of being limited in some areas of documentation supporting capital assets; and that an NPC accounting specialist will provide support to auditors during the field work.
Vice President of Administrative Services Blaine Hatch presented NPC’s financial position. This is a standard report with 83 percent of the budget period completed. Hatch noted, “The general unrestricted fund is on target with total year-to-date funds collected at $13,123,346 and total expenditures, $17,625,361.”
The expenditures exceeded funds collected, but during the cash flow portion of the report, Hatch explained, “The difference of $4,503,015 came from the unrestricted plant fund.”
Unrestricted plant fund only has money in it that was transferred into it from another account, which was $9,166,667, while the total used was $5,908,349.
On the restricted fund, year-to-date totals are $5,155,984, while total spent was $4,608,871, a difference of $547,113. The auxiliary fund total was $343,808 with the same amount for expenditures.
Cash flow from all activities was at $27,788,805, while cash used was $28,486,389 a difference of $697,584. The total net cash used so far for general fund activities is $4,503,015, the same amount as the general unrestricted fund expenditure difference.
The unrestricted fund balance available for general fund operations is $8,500,000 or 47 percent remaining. According to Hatch, “April was a time the college received funds for state aid and tuition and fees, at nearly $460,000.”
Hatch also mentioned that construction of the Skills Center is running slightly behind schedule.
In other action June 18, the board:
* Approved an intergovernmental agreement with Mohave and Coconino community colleges. Collectively, this group will be called the Interstate 40 Corridor Coordinating Council or the I-40 Council. This will provide a cooperative higher education network.
The presidents of the participating colleges have already been collaborating for several years on a number of common issues, including the annual joint Districts Governing Boards/Legislature meeting and cooperative participation in grants. The purpose of the agreement is to continue to add structure and participation in areas of mutual interest and additional opportunities to share resources where beneficial.
* Approved a request for emeritus faculty status for Dr. James Jacob, professor of biology and chair of the Biology Department, who retired in May.
Jacob was just short of the 15 years of service at NPC normally required to gain this status. Fifteen of his colleagues made the written request that he be approved for emeritus faculty status.
* Approved presenting Dr. Janet Hunter with emeritus faculty status.
* Approved presenting Ana Marquez with meritorious service status.
* Approved the renewal of the Jenzabar CX software maintenance agreement in the amount of $166,870.65 for one year.
This is a higher education specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It is an integrated collection of software tools that supports all of the business operations.
In the past, NPC has entered into five-year maintenance agreements with Jenzabar for maintenance and support. The recommendation by staff to enter into a one-year agreement instead of a five-year agreement is due to the company no longer providing prepayment discounts.