Jun 212013

By Julie Wiessner
Newly elected members of the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors include Sharlene Gillespie, Sandra Martinez-Oberriter, Tosha Sanchez and Emily Wheeler, according to Chamber Executive Director Kathleen Smith, who announced the results at the June 12 chamber meeting. The four new board members bring the count up from seven to 11.
The reasons for more members? “We are hoping to increase chamber members, be more of a resource and be able to get out in the community more,” explained Smith, as well as to make the board more efficient and to prevent board burnout.
Returning chamber board members are Jeffery Johnson, Christopher Olthouse and Cindy Tafoya. The new chamber members will officially begin their terms in July; these are two-year terms, noted Smith.
Roxanne Najar of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church presented information concerning seven churches from Colorado Springs sending 27 students and seven chaperones to perform community service in the Holbrook area from June 22 to 27.
The students pay to come here to work. Najar relayed, “The 27 students will be split into two groups; one group will perform community service, while the other will hold a Vacation Bible School. This is not just for Catholic children. All children in the area are invited to attend.”
If you are interested in getting something done in your area, contact Tommy Castillo at (928) 241-1458. Najar continued, “Tommy is the assessor/coordinator for these projects. He will come and do a needs assessment on what you want done.”
This does not necessarily mean that you will get work done, but there is a possibility that it could be done. Castillo is trying to line up as much work for this group of students as possible. According to Najar, “Not many people have contacted him yet.”
Najar also mentioned that volunteers are needed to cook, donate water, or anything you could think of for these students to help them out while they perform their various jobs.
Girl Scout Troup Leader Linda Parker presented information about organizing a Fourth of July bicycle parade for kids. There had been a parade previously, but it has been about three years since one was organized. Those interested in participating are asked to meet at Hunt Park at 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 4, with a bicycle, scooter, wagon, or anything with wheels decorated in red, white and blue.
The parade route will be a half-mile ride around the park boulevard, ending back at Hunt Park. The chamber will provide some old fashioned family fun games following the parade at the park. The games will include a sack race, beanbag toss, bubbles and a train ride.
Also announced were the results of the Arizona Tourism Survey for the Winslow-Holbrook area. The study, according to Smith, provides a thorough picture of tourism, what type of people come to the area, what they came here to see, what they actually did see and so on. It is a very in-depth survey, the results of which can be used to further promote the tourist attractions in ther area.
Finally, the data in the study will allow Winslow and Holbrook tourism leaders to pursue sources of outside funding for tourism promotion and use marketing dollars to further a regional tourism vision.
Also revealed was the six-month calendar of chamber mixers. All are scheduled for the last two weeks of the month, some at noon and others at 5 p.m.
Smith gave a reminder that the Wild West Days Kick-Off dinner is scheduled at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 11, at the Hangar, and that there is a need for chamber volunteers.
The Holbrook Farmers Market will be opening Saturday, July 20, and will continue from 9 a.m. to 12 noon every Saturday through Oct. 12. There will be a live band for the grand opening and raffles will be held. The prizes are still gathered at this time.