Jun 262013

By Nick Worth
Officials of Passport Potash Inc. announced last week that the firm has completed a pre-application meeting with the Air Quality Division of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) regarding the air quality control permit for its Holbrook Basin potash project. In the meeting with ADEQ, the necessary components of the application submittal for the permit were identified.
According to the ADEQ Air Quality Division website, mining operations have to acquire permits for crushing and screening operations, as well as for soil vapor extraction units.
To aid in the permitting process, Passport has engaged Trinity Consultants, an international environmental consulting firm focused on air quality services. The consulting company will assist Passport in acquiring the permit.
According to a news release from Passport, Trinity has completed more than 5,000 air quality projects in the last 10 years, with over 150 mining projects in the last five years. The company is known internationally for formulating and conducting dispersion modeling studies to support permit applications.
Passport has hired Trinity to develop emission calculations, analyze state and federal regulatory applicability, perform modeling analysis, develop permit application forms and graphics, develop the permit application package, submit the application to ADEQ and support Passport at the ADEQ administrative completeness review meeting.
According to Passport, the air quality permit application is expected to be complete within approximately two months. In addition, Passport will also need several solid waste and water quality permits for its operations.
“We are excited to have Trinity on the team,” Passport President and CEO Joshua Bleak said in a press release. “It is our hope to have our air permit in hand early in 2014.”