Jun 282013

By Sam Conner
Winslow High School basketball coach Ricky Greer reports that his team won four games and lost one at a tournament in Flagstaff in the next to the last competition of the summer.
The Bulldogs take a 16-4 record into a tournament in San Diego, Calif., this week. Their success is highlighted by winning an extremely competitive tournament in Durango, Colo.
In the Flagstaff tournament, the Bulldogs began with a 61-54 win over Mesa Westwood on Friday. Frank Kelly paced the Bulldogs with 12 points. Stevin Nelson and Keenan Keams tallied 11 points and Milland Thomas added 10 for Winslow in the victory over a talented larger school.
Winslow was supposed to play Yuma Catholic in a second game on Friday but they did not come as their coach had resigned. Instead, the Bulldogs met Flagstaff Northland Prep and defeated them 68-43. Keams lead the Bulldogs with 13 points, followed by Thurman Tso with 11.
On Saturday the Bulldogs played what their coaches described as their worst game of the summer in an early morning loss to host Flagstaff, 60-48. Keams was the high point man for Winslow with 20 points and Nelson added nine.
Later that day the Bulldogs easily got by Bourgade Catholic, 67-29. Keams again paced the Bulldogs with 20 points and Kelly scored 10.
In their final game on Saturday, the Bulldogs defeated Lake Havasu 44-28. Nelson and Thomas led the Bulldogs with 11 points each.
Winslow is slated to play Olympian High School from Chula Vista, Calif., and Foothills Christian High School from El Chacon, Calif., today (June 28) in San Diego. On Saturday the Bulldogs are to play San Ysidro High School of Chula Vista, Beverly Hills High School and Linfield Christian High School of Temechula, Calif. Tournament play on Sunday will be determined by results of the previous two days’ games.