Jul 032013

By Naomi Hatch
A 36-year history of two magnificent buildings, as well as the principals, teachers and students who worked and learned in them, An Academy in the Wilderness: The Snowflake Stake Academy Story by David K. Flake, will be available Friday, July 5.
Flake joined the Snowflake Academy Foundation in the summer of 2006. He has wonderful memories of the building as he attended classes there in the 1950s and graduated from Snowflake Union High School.
He was the foundation’s historian and for many years has written a story in the Silver Creek Herald, working his way through each graduating class, beginning with the class of 1901.
For several years Flake said he considered writing a history and gathering information. “I dove in head first, starting in January 2012,” he writes in the book’s introduction, noting, “This book is the result.”
Flake covers the history of the Snowflake Stake Academy, which he broke into three distinct periods: 1888 to 1898, including receiving a charter and being closed for four years; 1898 to 1910, when the first college-trained principal/teacher came to the high school and got the school going, and the destruction of the building by fire; and 1910 to 1924, when the community rallied to keep the school going until the new building had been built.
His book features two stake presidents, eight principals, several dozen Stake Academy board members, dozens of faculty members and close to 1,000 students.
“Writing this book has become a labor of love,” Flake states in the introduction.
The forward was written by historian Catherine H. Ellis, who states, “The influence of the Snowflake Stake Academy on teachers and students alike was far reaching,” noting that she was one of the last students taught by Rufus Crandall.
An Academy in the Wilderness was edited by Brad Solomon and will be available for $35 at Shevell’s Bookstore in Snowflake.
You can also purchase the book by sending a check for $40 to David K. Flake, 193 E. Meadowlark, Snowflake, Ariz. 85937. You may also e-mail the author at rezflakes@aol.com.