Jul 032013

Shasta & Co. Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition in Linden on June 22.
Results for Open Barrels follow.
In 1-D competition, Lisa Johnson, riding Cutie, won with a time of 18.371, earning $124.69; followed by Shasta Van Cleave on Peanut in 18.401, earning $74.81; Anessa Brown on Shoestring in 18.649, earning $49.88; Gail Campbell on Kaci’s Royal Dash in 18.703; Lisa Johnson on Brice in 18.853; Dereck Curley on Romeo in 18.890; Michele Rippy on Mea in 19.099; Jolene Baird on Sassie in 19.105; Janie Hinson on Little Mighty Miss in 19.179; Kallie Brannon on Nitro in 19.220; and Raylee Johnson on Dooley in 19.337.
In 2-D competition, Pandy Wyatt, riding Lena, won with a time of 19.396, earning $106.88; followed by Amanda Henson on Rio in 19.538, earning $64.13; Merrilea McBride on Mumzee in 19.642, earning $42.75; Kallie Brannon on Rude in 19.655; Patti Swapp on Addie Lena in 19.766; Raylee Johnson on Scooter in 19.916; Merrilea McBride on E.D. in 19.936; Raney Pate on Special Red Wrangler in 20.050; and Danaca Shepherd on Chance in 20.114.
In 3-D competition, Justine Romero, riding Hollywood, won with a time of 20.378, earning $71.25; followed by Sherry Byars on Bell in 20.389, earning $42.75; Carolee DeWitt on Tiny’s Gay Hawl in 20.421, earning $28.50; Beva Wagoner on Journey in 20.674; Brigette Kennison on Halle in 20.764; Sarah Darst on Hanks Runaway Cartel in 20.867; Betty Campbell on Boone in 21.184; and Maline Kellar on Sully in 21.259.
In 4-D competition, Ashlyn McCleve, riding Pepper, won with a time of 21.425, earning $53.44; followed by Kimberly Henrie on Captain in 21.792, earning $32.06; Makena McCleve on Hombre in 21.932, earning $21.38; Anessa Brown on Blue in 22.472; Tammie Pete on Fluff in 22.661; Sylvia Kennison on Emma in 25.083; Danaca Shepherd on Bode in 27.595; and Brittany McNeil on Squeaky, Tammie Pete on Candy Man and Dee Perkins on Gus, all with no time.
Results for Youth follow.
In 1-D competition, Raylee Johnson, riding Dooley, won with a time of 18.249, earning $47.25; Raney Pate on Special Red Wrangler in 18.726, earning $31.50; Mylea McBride on SPD Emergency in 19.287; Danaca Shepherd on Chance in 20.375; Sadee Reidhead on Judy in 20.389; Shyann Stephens on Chuck in 20.642; Raney Pate on Snicker Doodle in 20.961; and Tyree Hancock on Oreo in 22.282.
In 2-D competition, Sadee Reidhead, riding Bitty, won with a time of 23.931, earning $40.50; followed by Shada Rogers on Cat in 24.274, earning $27; Taylor Cook on Music in 26.049; and Michelle Basinger on Rose in 27.998.
In 3-D competition, Jacey Perkins, riding Bubba, won with a time of 31.876, earning $45.
In 4-D competition, Reese Perkins, riding Critter, won with a time of 37.635, earning $33.75; followed by Makiah Taylor on Possible with no time.
Results for leadline follow.
In 1-D competition, Devony Shepherd, riding Chance, won with a time of 30.986, earning $42; followed by Dillon Perkins on Russell in 31.278.
In 4-D competition, Rustyn McBride, riding Little Bit, won with a time of 48.348, earning $28; followed by Noelle Basinger on Rose in 49.264; Kash Perkins on Russell in 54.658; Stetson Perkins on Russell in 72.345; and Alex McBride on Little Bit in 77.761.