Jul 032013

By Naomi Hatch
There are currently two vacancies on the Snowflake Planning and Zoning Commission.
Chairman Galen Hicks is serving his fourth term, which will expire in May 2014. Reid Stinnett is serving his second term, which will expire in May 2014, and Jeff Greer’s term expired in May.
Town Manager Paul Watson advised the town council last week that Greer would like to be re-appointed to serve another three years, which would leave one vacancy.
The council was asked by Mayor Kelly Willis to consider appointing one more member to the commission.
No action was taken on this item.
Watson explained that the Historical Review Committee must include one council member and one planning and zoning commissioner, but at present no one represents either body.
A motion by Vice Mayor Jason Whiting that Lynn Johnson be appointed to represent the town council passed unanimously.
Planning and Zoning Administrator Dale Call was asked to check with the planning and zoning commissioners to see if one would serve on the Historical Review Committee and bring that name back to the council.