Jul 032013

A tentative budget of $10,101,120 for fiscal year 2013-14, a decrease of $14,970 from this fiscal year, was approved by the Snowflake Town Council June 25.
Prior to the vote, Finance Director Brian Richards explained that if the tentative budget was passed, the town would prepare and publish Schedule A of the Auditor General forms in the newspaper for two consecutive weeks and then hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 23, when the budget will be presented for approval.
The tentative budget was prepared from the May 28 budget work session and the only changes were the addition of refinancing and issuance of debt, and $200,000 increases in expenditures and revenues related to the Southern Solution flood control project.
Also prior to the approval of the tentative budget, Richards sought approval for budget adjustments, explaining that when the budget is passed by the council, the state doesn’t care about line items. “You can’t go over budget at a department level,” he said.
“The departments can’t go over budget in total and we can’t go over the budget,” Richards continued, noting that within the budget they could change departmental items by totals.
Richards said that the town prepaid for the new fire truck that will be reimbursed by the grant, but when they prepaid it came from the 2012-13 fiscal year budget. They received delivery during that fiscal year’s budget, so an adjustment was needed for the expenditure of $375,000.
They also needed a budget adjustment for the expenditure of wages for firefighters who went on several wildland fires during the budget year.
Because the Southern Solution was not completed during this fiscal year, they could reduce that line item by $400,000 and move it to the fire department’s budget.
Another adjustment was an increase of $175,000 in attorney fees related to the Apache Railway and $15,000 for an engineer.
A motion to approve the budget amendments as presented passed unanimously.