Jul 102013

By Naomi Hatch
Taylor Town Engineer Stu Spaulding presented a map related to fenced off roads to the town council July 3.
Fenced off roads were discussed by council members at a previous work session, and they asked staff members to identify where town rights-of-way is currently fenced off.
“Has it been policy in the past to allow those to be fenced off?” asked Mayor Fay Hatch.
“It has been policy until the road is needed,” responded Town Attorney Sterling Solomon. “These people, private citizens, can’t take it from the town by adverse possession.”
There was discussion on a fenced off road south of the post office on Tumbleweed that was recently fenced off.
“My feeling is if we’re going to allow that, it should have council’s approval,” said the mayor.
Solomon stated, “My recommendation is, if it’s an open roadway, don’t let them fence it off,” noting that this was fenced off, but they put a gate to allow people access to their property.
Vice Mayor Shawn Palmer said he didn’t think the town needed six bridges over the Silver Creek, and added that he has heard the road east of the post office is dangerous, and should be abandoned and divided between property owners. “It doesn’t make sense to have a road there,” said Palmer noting that Taylor Elementary School is on the other side of the Silver Creek.
“That sounds like there are some properties that are being fenced off that we never are going to have any interest in and maybe some that we will,” said Councilman Jason Brubaker. He suggested that the roads that the town will never have an interest in be identified and then abandon them, and notify property owners of those in which the town has an interest.
A motion to table the issue to allow staff members to further study the issue passed with Councilmen Brubaker, Carl Cosper and David Smith, and Vice Mayor Palmer in favor of it. Mayor Hatch opposed the motion, noting that he felt they could make a decision at that time.