Jul 122013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council applauded City Manager Jim Ferguson Tuesday evening, who was at the council meeting for the last time as city manager. He may appear on future occasions as an economic development consultant.
The meeting also began with the council reading the names of the Hot Shot firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill fire, and it was announced that the fire department is collecting funds for their families.
Human Resources Manager David Coolidge reported that there have been 45 applications for the city manager position and the screening process is continuing.
Engineer Mark Woodson gave a verbal status report on the Mike’s Pike East design, and the council acted to approve an addition, committing $150,000 for the project to the proposed budget.
The council awarded contracts for the construction of the East First Street block grant project to McCauley Construction, Inc. for $172,655 and the Taylortown block grant project for $129,702.
A level B project services agreement with Woodson Engineering for design of new fire hydrant and manhole rehabilitation and replacement was authorized for $44,500, as were level B contracts for the Southside waterline replacement project for $57,500 and a bypass sewer line project for $109,300.
Woodson spoke about the projects, noting that determining which manholes, fire hydrants and water or sewer lines needed to be added or replaced first was the first task to be completed.
An ordinance which would have amended a section of the city code to define nuisances as including biting and killing canines was tabled after much discussion.
An ordinance was approved adopting an access to care fee policy and an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System administration, the City of Winslow and Little Colorado Medical Center, and approving a hold harmless agreement between the city and LCMC.
Hospital Administrator Jeff Hamblin spoke about the changes and how things would work. He also wished Ferguson good luck and said that he had enjoyed working with him.
An ordinance was adopted extending the Hubbell Trading Post lease and management agreement until June 30, 2014.
A tourism contract between the city and the Winslow Chamber of Commerce was approved.
An ordinance was adopted repealing the current language regarding flood damage prevention in the city code and adopting new flood prevention language.
There was much discussion and Planner Paul Ferris and several other people said that the federal and state governments had said they wanted to work with the city on the flood plain situation and promised lower flood plain ratings if that happened, but what they really demanded was that the city adopt the ordinance they had written.
Two persons spoke briefly during the call to the public.
A six-item consent calendar was approved with one of the items acted upon separately. Consent calendar items included the check register, minutes of the June 23 council meeting, open purchase orders for the 2013-14 fiscal year, an agreement for audit services for the last fiscal year and payment of a well field road right-of-way from the state. The purchase and payment of a replacement chassis for the Fire Department Rescue Mini Pumper was acted upon separately, and was said to be by far the cheapest solution by Fire Chief James Hernandez.
The council and the audience applauded Ferguson as the meeting adjourned.