Jul 172013

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Unified School District Governing Board approved the district’s entire revised policy manual July 11 after it had been reviewed by Superintendent Hollis Merrell to make sure all changes previously approved were made.
The second reading of policy changes recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association was held, and Merrell recommended approval of the policies listed with the exception of the following:
* Graduation requirements, because the district now requires 24 credits to graduate and the state requires just 22.
* Distribution/posting of promotional materials. Merrell explained that the district’s current policy is working and he did not recommend expanding it.
* Early retirement incentive. Merrell did not recommend approval because that had been eliminated from the district’s policies years ago.
* Interscholastic sports, an optional policy relating to regulating heat at athletic practices.
Board member Carole Owens moved to approve the policies excluding those suggested by Merrell, and the motion was seconded by Board President Cory Johnson.
Board member John Stewart said he felt they should include the interscholastic sports policy related to heat because students begin training for some sports in August.
Merrell advised the board that he had talked to Snowflake High School Athletic Director Kevin Standerfer, who felt it was not necessary because what they are doing works. The superintendent noted that further discussion on this issue should include the SHS athletic administrators.
Johnson asked Stewart if he would like more discussion on this item, and Stewart noted that he would.
Johnson, Owens and Carol Palmer said that if the athletic administrators did not think a change was necessary, they would agree.
Owens amended her motion to table this item until there is more discussion including the SHS athletic administrators. Johnson seconded the amendment, and the motion passed unanimously.
In other business, the board unanimously approved continuation of a contract with Occupational Therapist Nancy Moses-Cobb for the 2013-14 school year.
The board also unanimously approved elective class fees for Snowflake Junior High School and SHS.