Jul 192013

Shasta & Co. Rodeo Events held a barrel racing competition on July 12 at the Navajo County Fairgrounds during Holbrook’s Wild West Days celebration.
Results for Open Barrels follow.
In 1-D competition, Lisa Johnson, riding Cutie, won with a time of 18.277, earning $122.88; followed by Megan Stock on Scar in 18.568, earning $92.16; Linda Fagotti on Frenchie in 18.598, earning $61.44; Kallie Brannon on Rude in 18.718, earning $30.72; Jessica Todacheenie on High Five Flight in 18.761; Morgan Bias on E.L. in 18.830; Marcella Jones Frances on Two Eyed Dandy in 18.849; Jolene Baird on Sassie in 18.861; London Willis on Bruster in 19.003; Michele Stock on Lena in 19.098; Pandy Wyatt on Jules and Dereck Curley on Romeo, both in 19.130; and Rosita Singer on Dixie in 19.139.
In 2-D competition, Shasta Van Cleave, riding Peanut, won with a time of 19.341, earning $106.75; followed by Janae Todacheenie on Scoot Lil Joe in 19.389, earning $80.06; Morgan Bias on Heza in 19.438, earning $53.38; Niki Crooks on Poco in 19.503, earning $26.69; Codi Ross on Hoss in 19.526; Callie Vano on Oh Geez in 19.568; Michele Rippy-Ulibarri on Mea in 19.652; Monica Todacheenie on Newk in 19.725; Jody Heisler on Hazel in 19.752; Lisa Johnson on Brice in 19.977; Carolee DeWitt on Tiny’s Gay Hawk in 20.007; Desiree Walker on Charlie Sheen in 20.040; Maranda Todacheenie on Bonnie Blue in 20.151; Danielle Winn on Grace in 20.231; and Sarah Darst on Hanks Runaway Cartel in 20.236.
In 3-D competition, Michelle Jones, riding Buenita Bay, won with a time of 20.324, earning $74.50; followed by Pandy Wyatt on Lena in 20.697, earning $55.88; Jessica Todacheenie on Get the Marbles in 20.756, earning $37.25; Tammy Unrein on Danny in 20.850, earning $18.63; Pandy Wyatt on Sam in 20.979; and Constance Benally on Mannie in 21.250.
In 4-D competition, Quinn Unrein, riding Alley, won with a time of 21.328, earning $58.38; followed by Constance Benally on Chai in 21.531, earning $43.78; Niki Crooks on Sienna in 22.132, earning $29.19; Destiny Smith on Carmella in 27.001, earning $14.59; and Megan Stock on Payday, Ashley McDowell on Weekender, Dee Perkins on Gus, Savannah Stanley on Topaz and Bryce Tanner on General, all with no time.
Results for Youth follow.
In 1-D competition, Codi Ross, riding Hoss, won with a time of 19.573, earning $55.12; followed by Alexandra Begay on Wylie in 19.927; Janae Todacheenie on Scoot Lil Joe in 20.379; Bryce Tanner on General in 21.475; and Julia Begay on Corn Pollen in 22.434.
In 2-D competition, Cara Wilson, riding Jexter, won with a time of 26.828, earning $49.88.
In 4-D competition, Bailee Bain, riding Kaddy Perry, posted no time.