Jul 192013

By Julie Wiessner
The Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board heard the first reading of eight policy changes recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) Tuesday evening.
The board invoked the emergency declaration to waive the need for a second reading of policy changes concerning student discipline revisions and approved them. District staff members wanted to have these changes in place prior to school starting, during registration, in order to get the information out to parents quickly. Parents should receive the information on the changes to the student discipline policy soon.
The other recommended policy changes are regarding salary deductions, emergency revisions and deletions, support staff salary revisions, professional staff probationary and continuing status revisions, staff assignments and transfers, evaluation of professional staff members, graduation requirements and open enrollment capacities.
In other action July 16, the board:
* Approved using Northland Pioneer College (NPC) work-study students as math tutors for the 2013-14 school year at Holbrook Junior High School.
The district will pay for the required fingerprint clearance for each tutor.
Board President Olivia Jaquez asked if the HJHS students would be left alone with the NPC work-study math tutors.
Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich assured her they would not be, noting, “Our students would definitely not be left alone with the math tutors. The fingerprint clearance cards are only one side of the picture. We will do our due diligence for the HJHS students.”
* Approved the adoption of Government in America-People, Politics, and Policy as a textbook for the Advanced Placement U.S. government and politics course for 2013-14.
* Approved sole source vendors for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved the 2013-14 intergovernmental agreement with the Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (NAVIT).
* Authorized Jacques to sign the desegregation verification report.
* Approved the updated list of authorized checking accounts signers for the district for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved Indian Wells Elementary School as a work site for Navajo youth during June and July 2013.
The office of Diné Education provides the salaries, benefits and liability insurance for all participants.
* Approved a $266 stipend to all returning teachers from Indian gaming monies for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved the vendors and a multi-year contract to provide student psychological services for the next five years.
* Approved a renewal of the client service agreement with Educational Services Inc. for the 2013-14 school year.
* Approved the retirement and return to work of Jeri McKinnon, continuing as the principal at IWES.
* Approved the support staff hiring of Patsy Barela and Leann Turley, both working 34 days annually to keep their insurance.
This type of insurance is structured in such a way that work is done in lieu of pay in order to keep the insurance they have. If they work more days, they would be paid regularly.
The board also approved the support staff hiring of Chantell Nelson as a student worker; Tony Aguilera, Holbrook High School assistant boys’ soccer coach; Claude Bakurza, HHS assistant girls’ basketball and head softball coach; Brandon O’Dell, HHS assistant track coach; Scott Baker, Alex Baker and Kendall Bakurza, HHS assistant baseball coaches; Linda Crumrine, Lois Jeffers, Diana Thomas and Richard Peterson, HHS game help; Lelia Demuth, HHS game help and Running Club sponsor; and Debbie McKee, HHS ticket seller.
* Approved the hiring of certified staff Sue Wishmann, Barbara Foree, Ann Darling, Lois Jeffers and Mary Whitten, working 23 days annually for insurance. This again is a type of insurance which is structured in such a way that work is done in lieu of pay in order to keep the insurance they have. If they work more days, they would be paid regularly.
Also approved was the hiring of Melissa John, Paul Jaster, Leida Hatch, Linda Fox, Jerry Goodman, David Jensen, Mark McKeller, Richard Peterson, Debbie Shumway and Ted Pate as substitute teachers.
* Approved extra duty for Beth Baloo, HHS head girls’ soccer coach; Hoby Wilhelm, IWES softball coach; John Paul Hunt, IWES soccer coach; Daniel Orton, IWES boys’ basketball coach and athletic director; Cale Allen, IWES girls’ basketball coach and football coach; Theresa Yazzie, IWES volleyball coach; Marlena Day and Luis Alvarez, IWES mentors; Suzanne Powell, IWES mentor and Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) member; and Debbie Wehrman, IWES fresh fruit and vegetable coordinator.
Karen Estridge, IWES IAT member and cadre; Teri White, HHS NAVIT extra summer hours; Dave Wright, HHS head boys’ soccer and assistant track coach; John Bokker, HHS head football and wrestling coach; Jody Good, HHS assistant football and head track coach; Brady Pond, HHS assistant football and head baseball coach; Greg Etheridge, HHS assistant football coach; Raul Mendoza, HHS head cross country and boys’ basketball coach; Carey Kester, HHS fall head spirit line coach; and Lou Ann McLaws, HHS assistant volleyball coach and game help.
Cheryl Carlson, HHS assistant volleyball and winter head spirit line coach, and game help; Leslie Baldonado, HHS head volleyball coach; Greg Perkins, HHS head girls’ basketball coach, game help and intramurals girls’ basketball; Daniel Mitchell, HHS head chess coach and game help; Melissa John, HHS assistant cross country coach; Frank Stacey, HHS assistant girls’ basketball coach; and Delmar Johnson, assistant boys’ basketball and assistant softball coach, game help and intramural boys’ basketball.
Nick Moyte, HHS assistant wrestling coach; Chris Obren, HHS Fusion; Sarah Meeks, HHS Band; Del Novell, HHS head golf coach; Nichole Lozano, HHS cheer consultant/coach; Donna Campbell, HHS Outdoor Club sponsor; Tim Yazzie, Dwayne Hawk, Doug Radzanowski, Ginny Novell and Saraphina Benally, game help; Julie Foree, HHS National Honor Society sponsor; Erik Carlson, HHS yearbook sponsor; Teri Tafoya and Brenda Mangum, HHS ticket sellers; Kyle Gardner HHS Swing Thing; Melicia Thompson, HHS Student Council advisor; Janie Sandoval, HHS Science Club sponsor; and Sunny Obren, fresh fruits and vegetables.
* Approved professional leave for Sylvia Jackson to attend the Navajo Language Academy scheduled July 8-26 in Tsaile at an estimated cost of $1,510; Dale Larsen, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Institute, June 20 and 21 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $135, plus use of a district vehicle; Charles Haussman, Dale Larsen, Jim Mendell, Adrian Tubbs and Ginny Novell, Association for CTE of Arizona Summer Conference, July 12-17 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $7,146, plus a district vehicle.
Suzanne Powell, Math Camp, July 15-19 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $917; Connie Gover, Cary Simpson and Carey Kester, Arizona Transition Conference, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Scottsdale at an estimated cost of $1,290.56, plus the use of a district vehicle; Julie Fields and Tim Newton-Pender, qualified evaluator training, July 22 and 23 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $1,154.32.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers in the amount of $507,338.78, and payroll and expense vouchers in the amount of $1,408,989.43.