Jul 262013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council heard a report on a possible new animal care facility Tuesday evening.
Dan Taylor narrated a slide show by Allan Rosenbaum on the Flagstaff Second Chance for Animals facility, which may serve as a model for a new facility in Winslow. The Flagstaff facility is much larger than would be needed in Winslow, but has many admirable features that would be worth duplicating.
There were no speakers during a public hearing on the fiscal year 2013-14 budget and estimated tax levy. After the public hearing a resolution was approved adopting the $20,587,575 budget.
Interim City Manager Dale Patton reported on recent city activities, noting that there will be a flyby at the Winslow-Lindberg Airport tonight and Saturday morning (July 26 and 27).
Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Hall reported on chamber activities. He said that there had been well over 2,000 visitors and that the chamber had sent thousands of brochures and information to those requesting those materials.
The consent calendar resulted in approvals of the check register, minutes of the July 9 council meeting, a special events liquor license for the Standin’ on the Corner Foundation on Sept. 27 and 28, and the purchase of a dredge for $344,821. The dredge item was voted upon separately, and it was noted that the city should also build a boathouse to house and protect the dredge.
Funding of not more than $5,000 was granted for the Standin’ on the Corner Foundation’s celebration in late September. Greg Hackler and Casey Gilliam spoke about the celebration.
An ordinance was adopted defining biting and killing canines as nuisances. A similar ordinance was tabled at the last council meeting.
An ordinance was adopted amending the city code by adding a water rights surcharge to the schedule of rates, fees and charges. This was described as being necessary for water rights legal representation, and was adopted in a 5-2 vote.
There was some discussion on action regarding the city manager position and it was said that the League of Cities and Towns has pared the 46 candidates to 11. It was suggested that council members should review the applications and resumes, and lower the number to be interviewed in person or by phone to four or five.
A number of persons spoke during the call to the public, including Jeanne Williams and many youngsters in favor of building a skate park. Two women spoke in favor of raises for Winslow police, who have not gotten a raise in some time and who could also use a clothing allowance.