Jul 312013

The chairman of the Taylor Planning and Zoning Commission urges Taylor citizens to become involved in current public discussion about the town’s future.
“Huge decisions will be made in the coming weeks and months regarding the future shape and nature of the Town of Taylor,” noted David Hamblin. “These decisions focus on issues such as the projected future expansion area of the town, our zoning, and potential locations for wells, sewer treatment plants and other infrastructure. For example, we’re looking at possible future roadways for the development of commercial corridors and to take traffic pressure off of Main Street in the coming decades. These corridors might be built near the current east and west extremes of the town limits. Since these decisions affect existing neighborhoods and businesses, it’s important that citizens participate in the discussion.”
The Town of Taylor has made efforts to notify business owners and major landowners of the opportunity to participate in these discussions, but the response so far has been low.
“The net result of these discussions and decisions should be a strong update to our General Plan,” explained Hamblin. “I look forward to hearing the public’s views on the type of town they want Taylor to be in 10, 30 or 50 years. How do we balance growth and development with lifestyle? To what degree do we pursue major industrial or commercial development? Do we emphasize quiet neighborhoods? How do we ensure adequate green space? These are some of the key questions we face.”
The commission typically meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at Taylor Town Hall. Agendas are posted online at tayloraz.org, at town hall and at the post office. Likely topics for the Aug. 6 meeting include development vision and area, and for Sept. 3, potential zoning changes and proposed major new roadways. The commission makes non-binding recommendations to the Taylor Town Council regarding zoning changes and so forth.