Aug 022013

By Julie Wiessner
Joseph City Unified School District will be using a new evaluation tool for teachers this year, as will other districts. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) set forth the new guidelines recently concerning teacher evaluations, but gives districts leeway to choose an evaluation system that falls within ADE guidelines.
Joseph City Superintendent Robert Klein noted that, “Different districts are doing their evaluations a little differently. The biggest change to teacher evaluations is that 34 percent of the total teacher evaluation must be based on student growth.” Pre- and post-tests, and the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards tests are used to determine student growth.
“The evaluation model chosen by the JCUSD Committee was the James Stronge model, which is acceptable to ADE,” noted Klein.
The district has also implemented Beyond Textbooks, as have other school districts in the area.
“We are continuing to fully implement the programs already in place. I think it’s helping,” said Klein.
Also implemented was Move On When Reading for first, second and third graders. Klein noted, “I have seen improvement in their test results with this program as well.”
The first day of classes for all students will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 7, for both elementary and high school students.