Aug 142013

By Naomi Hatch
The Silver Creek Senior Center relies on donations and volunteers to survive. For that reason Cindy Schreiber, president of the center’s board of directors and Keith Baldwin, treasurer, made presentations recently to the Taylor and Snowflake town councils.
Schreiber noted that because of federal sequestration the center’s budget has been cut by close to $4,000. She and Baldwin asked that each town increase funding for the center by $2,000.
The senior center serves between 75 and 100 meals a day, as well as delivering more than 60 Meals on Wheels, approximately 30 in each town.
Schreiber said that sometimes meal delivery is a temporary service while patrons recover from an illness or surgery, though some of the recipients are homebound. She said that often this is the only visit seniors have for that day, and they have found some who had fallen or were in need of help.
The van often provides transportation for doctor or hospital visits, to pick up prescriptions and once in a while to the grocery store. Members of both councils were invited to ride with drivers one day and meet those receiving Meals on Wheels.
The center is in great need of drivers for the Meals on Wheels program. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the center at 536-2222. You must drive your own vehicle, but you are reimbursed for gas and, as Schreiber said, “It’s very rewarding.”
One hundred percent of donations at the thrift store go to support the center. Center Director Marilyn Radke noted that they have special pricing on everything through mid-August, because they have a lot of items and they will begin starting work on the parking lot. You can buy two bags of clothes for $1 during this time. Radke said that they want everyone who comes into the thrift store to take something home.
The center’s largest expense is for food, Schreiber said, noting that the costs are increasing. The center receives funding from the Northern Arizona Council of Governments and because of that, must use NACOG’s vendors unless they can show a cost savings using local businesses, which they do as often as they can.
“I will tell you on a personal note, when serving on the board I had the opportunity to participate in the meals,” said Snowflake Town Manager Paul Watson. He said that from the standpoint of the service provided and the little amount for salaries, “It just tells you there’s a lot of people giving of their services and times.”
Bob Moffett, who has worked with senior citizens in his jobs, commented that the Silver Creek Senior Center has the best reputation on the mountain for its services.
Radke said that a Community Development Block Grant through Navajo County will pay for parking lot improvements and remodeling the bathrooms.
If you are interested in volunteering in the thrift store or driving for Meals on Wheels, contact Radke at 536-2222.