Aug 142013

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake-Taylor Chamber of Commerce’s primary goal is “local business sustainability,” Executive Director Charlotte Hatch noted in recent presentations to the Snowflake and Taylor town councils.
“We are not asking you to give away, but to make an investment,” said Hatch. “Your return is the continued growth and prosperity of the area.”
She pointed out that with the downturn in the economy they have managed the chamber with significantly less money that in the past, acknowledging that the towns decreased their funding, too.
“It is the belief of the chamber that economic development and tourism go hand in hand,” she said. “We are very involved with the Tourism committee, which is a subcommittee of the chamber.”
Hatch briefly summarized the chamber’s day-to-day activities.
She concluded that having the chamber office as a “go to” resource for all kinds of people, visitors and town folks is invaluable to the towns, adding that without the chamber, town staff would be much busier with calls and visits that are now fielded by the chamber.
The visitor center/chamber office is open six days a week in the summer and five in the winter months.
“It is our belief that we have worked diligently over the past few years to use the money that we receive,” said Chamber President JoAnne Guderian. She went on to note that they are not presently asking for more money, stating, “It’s our belief that we are unique in the whole of Arizona for having the historic homes and museums that we have here and, unfortunately, due to cutbacks, the funding that was in place to manage the museums has been taken away.” She said that in the future they would like to receive funding once again for staffing the museums because there’s a lot of work being done to promote the homes and museums, and they are not always open.
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