Aug 142013

By Linda Kor
A moving platform for artistic experimentation will be making a stop in Winslow next month. Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening is the latest project from artist Doug Aitken, a train that will travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific in September as an artistic experimentation that connects artists, musicians and cultural icons with diverse communities.
Over the course of three weeks in September, the train will travel from New York to San Francisco making stops in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona and California, each time for a one night only live event. For Arizona, that stop will be in Winslow.
A moving platform for artistic experimentation, Station to Station invites artists and audiences alike to participate in a creative collision of contemporary art, experimental music and film. Art works and musical performances will change at every stop.
Each happening will feature five Nomadic Sculptures created by Kenneth Anger, Urs Fischer, Liz Glynn, Carsten Höller and Ernesto Neto. The artists were asked to envision a yurt (a portable tent-like dwelling traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia). The Nomadic Sculptures range from Höller’s yurt pierced with holes that visitors can throw Frisbees through to Glynn’s creation of the universe that will evolve at each stop.
Chef and forager Leif Hedendal will create customized culinary interventions both on the train and at each stop to include Slow Food farmers’ markets and his famed Dinner Discussions. Renowned artist Ed Ruscha gave Station to Station a recipe for a cactus omelet, and Chef Hedendal will prepare the omelet for 200 people during the event. This edible artwork will be served only in Winslow, and the recipe itself will be used to make a poster.
Every happening will begin with a procession organized by Meschac Gaba with 12 participants wearing different African headdresses walking among the public as they enter the venue. At each stop a different flag created by Lawrence Weiner will be raised. Kathryn Andrew envisioned a poster for each city–the poster will have an image of one randomly chosen person, and that poster will become the “face” of the happening at each stop.
Additionally, at each stop the Levi’s brand will create and curate yurts designed as an intimate gallery-like setting where local artists will be designing and crafting new products in real time. A tribute to the Levi’s brand’s “Makers” program, the Levi’s yurts will celebrate local artisan products. Artists featured include Folk Fibers, Cobra Boots, Chimayo and Junkyard Jeans.
The Winslow performance will be held from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21, at La Posada. The program will feature performances by Cat Power, Cold Cave, Giorgio Moroder, THEESatisfaction and others to be announced. Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased by visiting All funds from the sale of the tickets, as well as donations that can be made on the Station to Station website, go to support non-traditional programming at Station to Station’s partner institutions.