Aug 162013

By Julie Wiessner
During the call to the public at the Aug. 13 meeting of the Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board, Nora LiíbilNaghahi, a parent from Greasewood whose four children attend district schools, expressed her concern about picking them up at the Indian Wells bus stop.
LiíbilNaghahi noted, “I think my kid’s are getting a good education and I follow their desire to play sports. When I go to Indian Wells to sign-off to pick them up, sometimes there are delays…I fell ill several different times in the winter and it made it difficult to wait outside in the weather to pick up my kids.”
What LiíbilNaghahi requested was a shelter where parents can wait for their students.
The board listened to the request and asked staff members to look into the matter. The board members also thanked LiíbilNaghahi for expressing her concerns to them.
A travel request to allow the Holbrook High School Marching Band and Director Sarah Meeks to travel to California during the fall break (Oct. 14-18) drew some discussion. The band plans to apply to perform at Disneyland or Disneyland’s California Adventure.
This is seen as a chance for the band to play for an international audience. The band participants and sponsors would fund their own costs for the trip, but asked the district for the use of five Suburbans and insurance coverage.
Board President Olivia Jaquez asked, “If their grades are not at a certain level, will they still be able to go on the trip?”
Meeks responded with a definite “No,” noting that, “If students only participate in the fundraising events, or only on the field and their grades aren’t up, they will not be able to go. I have already discussed this with all of them.”
Jaquez inquired, “Have you already applied to the different places to play there?”
“So far, we have done research on the different places and know what is needed, but have not moved forward with anything until approval from the board,” Meeks replied.
The board then approved use of the vehicles and insurance as long as students meet the criteria set forth by Meeks.
In other action Aug. 13, the board:
* Approved changes to several policies, including ones related to salary deductions, emergency policies, support staff salary revisions, professional staff probationary and continuing status, graduation requirements, evaluation of professional staff, and professional staff assignments and transfers.
* Approved qualified evaluators for teacher performance evaluations during the 2013-14 school year, including Charles Haussman, Robbie Koerperich, Mike McClellan, Jeri McKinnon, Connie McPherson, Tim Newton-Pender, Dan Nielson, Julie Fields, Ann Gardner, Connie Gover and Lance Phaturos.
* Approved hiring paraprofessionals and/or health aides throughout the school year, as needed, when a student’s Individual Education Plan requires them.
* Approved giving freshmen new to Holbrook High School math credit for pre-algebra or algebra if they received high school credit from an accredited National Central Association school as stated on their transcript or provide evidence that the school planned to move them to the next math sequence. Students who took math 8, would still have the opportunity to test out of pre-algebra or algebra, receive high school credit and move to the next math sequence.
* Approved The Write Tools as a supplemental K-12 writing program for the district. The program also provides professional development to help teachers become more effective writing teachers.
* Approved Raindance Press as sole source vendor for materials used with the Write Tools program.
* Approved Briggs Marketing Incorporated (BMI) Systems Group as a sole source vendor for the inventory program and scanners to interface with the Visions program, giving continuity for inventory tracking. This includes BMI Asset Track Pro, Asset Trak PPC for Tyler Technologies Infinite Visions and the Pocket PC Scanner programmed for Asset Trak Pro.
* Approved a list of district employees as student activity treasurers and assistant student activity treasurers to oversee student activity clubs.
* Approved the hiring of support staff Laurie Jones, Timothy Dixon, Timothy Begay and Tabitha Jackson, all as substitute bus drivers; Judy Naylor, part-time/on call federal projects administrative assistant; Patricia Lewis, substitute bus driver/custodian; Emilio Chavez and Ramon Ledezma, both as substitute custodians; Javier Quintana, maintenance, student worker; Linda Best, HHS receptionist in the afternoon for seven days; Gishie Arviso and Loriel Beck, Holbrook Junior High School special education para-professionals; Crystal Moorehead, HJHS/Park A-team/substitute secretary; Shrinidha Goswami, bus driver; Scott Baker, HJHS head softball coach, Kenia Alvarado, Dacy Hendrix, Joseph Holl, Levi McClellan, Tommy McLaws, Jordon Simpson and Zachary McLaws, cafeteria student workers; and Brandon O’Dell, HHS assistant football coach.
* Approved the support staff resignations of Kim Davis, HHS special needs assistant; Cassandra Smith, bus driver/warehouse worker; and JoAnn DeWitt, HHS in-school suspension monitor.
* Approved the hiring of certified employees Gail Vellieux, Spencer Radzanowski, Andre Swedberg and Jerry Goodman, all as substitute teachers; Mary Koury, Barbara Foree, Marie Gardner and Lois Jeffers, all as Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) testers; and Cathy Luke, DIBELS tester and Barton’s tutor.
* Approved extra duty for Ginny Novell as HHS website facilitator; Nikki Alley, Margarita Newton-Pender and Annette Rothman, Park School Intervention Assistance Team; Kyle Gardner, HHS Choir/Swing Thing, HJHS assistant football coach and auditorium manager; Melissa John, English language learner tester; Del Novell, HJHS head football coach; Brian McMahon and Dwayne Hawk, HJHS assistant football coaches; Beth Plum, HJHS assistant softball coach and Beyond Textbooks (BT) math curriculum for building re-teach items over the summer; Keith Wheeler, HJHS athletic director; LouAnn McLaws, HJHS BT math curriculum for building re-teach items over the summer; Charles Haussman, district testing coordinator; Brian Gohl, auditorium technician; Nick Moyte, HHS junior class sponsor; and Mandy Remos, HHS ticket seller.
* Approved volunteers Elinor Henderson, HHS chess team; Colin Henderson, Hulet School, HJHS and HHS cafeteria helper; Allison Gardner, HHS choir helper; Thomas Castillo, HHS guitar helper; and Mitchell Ross, HHS Fusion.
* Approved donations to the HJHS Science Department in the amount of $313.48 for force motion thematic based learning and changes in matter kits.
* Approved professional leave for Connie McPherson and Jeri McKinnon to attend evaluation training scheduled Aug. 26 and 27 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $634 plus use of a district vehicle; Robbie Koerperich, Connie Gover and Ann Gardner, Qualified Evaluator Training, Sept. 12 and 13 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $1,629 plus the use of a district vehicle; Audrey Morris, 26th annual school health nursing seminar July 15-17 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $412.17; and Amber Dennis, Gear Up coordinator, Aug. 14-16 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $412.
Mike McClellan, Qualified Evaluator Training, Sept. 19 and 20 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $383, plus use of a district vehicle; Cindy Percy and Donna Campbell, Microsoft Excel, Beyond Basics, Aug. 21 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $198, plus use of a district vehicle; Julie Fields, Continuous Improvement Plans and Completion Reports, Aug. 28 in Concho at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle; and Amber Dennis, Daphne Lamb, Cindy Percy, Teri White and Robin Stradling, Arizona Career Information System Training Aug. 21 in Winslow at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle.
Keith Wheeler, athletic director meeting held Aug. 9 in Show Low at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Alfred Clark, First Things First Summit 2013 Aug. 26 and 27 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $772.84; Daniel Orton, athletic director meeting held Aug. 9 in Winslow at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle; and Stephanie Peters, photo shoot for Fuel Up State Ambassador Aug. 14 in Tempe.
Julie Fields, Empowerment Scholarship Account meeting held Aug. 12 in Snowflake at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle, and Title I-D updates Sept. 19 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of a district vehicle; Alfred Clark, McKinney-Vento 1010 held Aug. 8 in Show Low at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle; and Robbie Koerperich, Fuel UP To Play 60 Aug. 14 in Glendale at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers in the amount of $575,140.71.
* Approved payroll and expense vouchers in the amount of $260,217.56.
* Approved fundraisers for HHS football players to sell discount cards throughout the year with estimated earnings of $4,000, and selling old football jerseys from Aug. 14-21, with estimated earnings of $891, both fundraisers under Coach John Bokker; and HHS Class of 2016 to sell Fear the Bird T-shirts with estimated earnings of $120 from Aug. 26-31, and a carwash on Aug. 31 with estimated earnings of $200.