Aug 162013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council approved a $33,300 service agreement with Woodson Engineering Tuesday evening for animal control building design and construction administration.
Woodson said that the cost of moving the current building and building a new one would be about the same. He spoke of building near the wastewater treatment plant.
Action on two other project services agreements with Woodson Engineering, the Renaissance Five project for $165,200 and for the Transcon Lane South project for $191,300, was delayed, as was approval of a $74,825 contract with Logan Simpson Design, Inc. for design of the Route 66 Plaza. The items are awaiting approval from the State Historic Preservation Office.
A request from the Just Cruisin’ Car Club for the 19th annual Car Show to be held on Oct. 4 was funded for $3,000 and waiver of vendor fees.
A request from the United People Who Care director was partially granted, but several items requested were not granted, especially the lengthening of the lease time and furthering city responsibility for playground equipment.
The council voted to ask that a special event liquor license for the Desert Scene Lodge on Sept. 27 and 28 be denied after Police Chief Steve Garnett said that the department was not staffed to meet the requirement of that at the same time as the Standin’ on the Corner celebration.
Joe Mactima was appointed to the Winslow Arts Council replacing Sam Conner, who has resigned for that body.
Mayor Robin Boyd was authorized to sign a lease purchase agreement with Wells Fargo for the dredge for semi-annual payments of $38,209.54 for five years, which is $5,461.54 less than was budgeted.
A schedule for release of non-department subsidies for the fiscal year was approved. These include $40,000 to the Council on Aging, $25,000 to the Old Trails Museum and $5,000 to the Winslow Little League.
An intergovernmental agreement with the Navajo County Sheriff’s office regarding Byrne Grant funding for the fiscal year was approved.
The Aug. 27 council meeting was canceled as it is the same day as the Arizona League of Cities and Towns meeting.
During the call to the public, Judy Howell spoke regarding several issues including the animal care facility.
Roman and Dee Rodriguez spoke about a number of issues, but mostly about the lack of action in getting property owners in their area to clean their property.
Interim City Manager Dale Patton said that the city has notified the property owner and taken action.
Marie Lamar spoke about the intoxicated street people problem.
The council approved the consent calendar, including the check register, minutes of a July 13 meeting, closure of Hicks Avenue between First and Second streets and waiver of vendor fees for the 10th annual Fire Truck Tug, payment for repairs to Well No. 2 to Willis Drilling and Pump Co. of $28,534.27, purchase and additional upgrades for the new rescue mini-pumper chassis to W.W. Williams of $20,000, and payment for emergency repairs to Well No. 1 to Willis Drilling and Pump, Co. of $33,060.97.