Aug 212013

By Linda Kor
The City of Holbrook has been experiencing a rash of burglaries over the past two weeks, with residents reporting vehicles gone through and items stolen. While most of these incidents have taken place in the area of the community known as Spurlock Hill, police encourage residents throughout the city to be alert and take measures to secure their property.
“These vehicles were all left unlocked and there has been no criminal damage. These criminals hit fast and leave fast. We’ve got some good leads and the county is helping us out. Until we make an arrest, it would be a benefit for the citizens to take some measures to secure their property and be aware of who’s in their neighborhood,” stated Holbrook Police Chief Mark Jackson.
Those measures include contacting the Holbrook Police Department at (928) 524-4050 at the first sign of anyone looking into vehicles or homes, loitering around them or sitting in parked vehicles with no apparent purpose.
Call 911 if anyone is seen tampering with automobiles, climbing over a fence into a back or side yard, or breaking into a residence. Immediately report suspicious activity or persons in neighborhoods to the HPD.
If you see a suspicious vehicle, try to get a license plate number. If you can’t get the plate number, try to get as much identifying information about the vehicle or person as you can, such as color, make, model, damage, type of rims or stickers on vehicles, and clothing, scars, tattoos and oddities pertaining to people.
Take a cell phone picture or video of the person or vehicle if you can safely do so. Write down license plates of unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhood in case something comes of them at a later date. The information may solve a case should a crime be occurring.
Lock your car doors and make sure the windows are rolled completely up. Also, avoid leaving anything of value inside your car in plain view. Remove all items of value from your vehicle, such as GPS devices, cell phones, computers, purses, checkbooks and i-Pods.
Lock all doors and windows to your house when you are away.
You can tell the difference between solicitors and burglars. Solicitors will generally go to every house on the street and will look for houses that appear occupied. Burglars will skip several houses or look for houses that appear to be unoccupied. Solicitors want to contact as many people as possible, while burglars and thieves generally want to avoid people.
Use lights on timers or motion controlled lights in and around your property. Install window slide locks or wooden dowels. Pick up newspapers and mail frequently. Reinforce front doors with better deadbolt locking, and do not hide a spare key in a predictable place, like under the doormat or on the ledge above the door.
Get to know your neighbors and be able to contact them in case something unusual is occurring at their house. Ask your neighbors to call the HPD if they see someone they don’t know around your house when you are not at home.
Complete a home inventory and make a note of all product model numbers and serial numbers. Place this inventory in a safe and secure place.