Aug 212013

By Naomi Hatch
David Flake, a member of the Snowflake Academy Foundation who has written a book about the stake academy, spoke to the Snowflake Town Council during the call to the public last week.
“I hope you avail yourself of it and read it,” said Flake of his book.
“I appreciate the heritage this town has for its education,” he said, “Our pioneer forefathers came to this area, and struggled to exist and make a living, and yet at the same time they provided an education for their children.”
Flake titled his book An Academy in the Wilderness: The Snowflake Stake Academy Story and noted, “This is accurate in that they found a wilderness when they came, and they subdued the wilderness and made it productive, and yet at the same time provided an education for their children.”
Flake’s book chronicles the heritage of the Snowflake Academy between 1889 and 1994. “It is a marvelous story, not because I’ve written it, but it’s true,” he said, noting that the building celebrates 100 years this year, and in memory of the building and the people that built it, he wrote the book that represents the heritage of Snowflake and Taylor.
An Academy in the Wilderness is available at Shevell’s, the Snowflake Library and from Flake at a cost of $37.
In the council’s summary of current events, Councilman Lynn Johnson thanked the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department for the professionalism and courtesy displayed during his ride-along. “I felt like it was a very beneficial two hours,” Johnson said. “It’s a very good eye opener.” He encouraged other council members to take the time to ride with an officer.