Aug 212013

By Naomi Hatch
After being advised last week that the Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB) has agreed to provide more money for roofing projects at Snowflake High School, the Snowflake Unified School District Governing Board approved going to bid for the work.
On March 6, the SFB awarded the district $7,932 in Building Renewal Grant funding for design services to repair the roofs of two buildings at SHS.
North Hall and the library have had a history of problems where the roofs come together, Facilities Supervisor Dan LaGrange advised the district governing board Aug. 15.
LaGrange noted that a portion of the existing shingle roof was designed and installed in 2001 in a location that receives snow and ice, and there was a change in the design requiring an addition of facia and trim during construction, but that was after the existing roof sheeting had been installed, causing continued roof leaks.
SFB staff visited the site to inspect the roofs and agreed with the district’s request. District officials submitted proposals for the replacement of the roofs at a cost of $84,914, with possible additional costs for oversight and asbestos removal estimated at $113,714.
SFB awarded an additional $143,714 in Building Renewal Grant funding for roof construction services for replacement of the roofs on both buildings, but will not pay for the south side of North Hall, so the district will be responsible for that portion, explained LaGrange.
The governing board unanimously approved going to bid for the project.
In other business, three bids were obtained for a teacher of the visually impaired for the 2013-14 school year. The district currently uses Cheryl Barnes and her bid was the lowest.
The board unanimously approved a contract with Barnes for visually impaired services.
The board unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement between the district and Northland Pioneer College.
“This is a wonderful program we’re able to do with the college,” said Superintendent Hollis Merrell. “Students get high school credit as well as college.”
In an unprecedented move, the board held the third reading of policy changes recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) regarding an optional policy for athletic practices in the heat.
Board member John Stewart had requested more information, which Merrell obtained. After further review and discussion with the district’s attorney, Merrell recommended that they not adopt the optional policy.
The board was unanimous in its rejection of the optional policy.
At the July board meeting, Merrell recommended the board not adopt the ASBA recommended policy regarding graduation requirements because the district requires more credits than the state.
A review of the policy was completed and discussed with ASBA personnel. Merrell then recommended that they add the two bullets to district policy to be compliant with recently passed legislation.
The board unanimously approved Merrell’s request following a third reading of the policy change.
Due to that change in graduation requirements, the board was required to approve the Math for Life course, an additional math course required by Snowflake High School. Merrell noted that they have already been teaching this class.
The board unanimously approved the course.
In another unprecedented action, due to a change in state law in HB-2500, the board voted to approve an ASBA recommended policy change regarding teacher evaluation on the first reading because there are no options; approval is required by state law. Merrell said that beginning next week he will be working with principals to make changes and recommendations for the teacher evaluation instrument/process to comply with all the new laws. The board unanimously approved this policy change, declaring it an emergency.