Aug 302013

By Nick Worth
The Holbrook City Council moved quickly through the two-item agenda of a special meeting held Tuesday evening. Vice Mayor Charles Haussman ran the meeting in the absence of Mayor Jeff Hill. Councilmen Phil Cobb and Richard Peterson were also absent from the meeting.
One item was a suggestion to go back to two city council meetings per month. The move was suggested by City Manager Ray Alley, who did not attend the council meeting.
Councilman Myron Maxwell asked what the rationale was for going back to two meetings per month.
City Clerk Cher Reyes responded that Alley felt there were so many special meetings being held, it might be better to conduct the business at regularly scheduled meetings.
Councilman Wade Carlisle said he would rather have two meetings per month than special meetings.
Councilman Bobby Tyler then moved to return to the twice monthly meeting schedule and Carlisle seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
The new meeting schedule will go into effect in September.
The council voted unanimously to approve a grant agreement with the Arizona State Forestry Division for the purchase of seven Astro Digital mobile radios for the Holbrook Volunteer Fire Department.
The total amount of the grant monies requested is $3,500, with Holbrook paying $3,918.24 in matching funds. The total amount of the grant comes to $7,409.43.
In the justification statement for the grant, Holbrook Volunteer Fire Department officials said they were seeking the grant to enable all their radio equipment to operate in the VHF spectrum, which will allow them to “… more effectively communicate with surrounding departments, as well as the Arizona State Forestry, Forest Service and any other agency that may be involved in wildland suppression activities.”
A special work session to give direction to Alley regarding the Holbrook Police Department will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 4, in the city council chambers. The next regularly scheduled council meeting will then be at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 10, followed by the second regular meeting of the month on Tuesday, Sept. 24.