Sep 112013

By Naomi Hatch
Speaking on behalf of residents on Paper Mill Road and 3400 West, Jay Schelin asked the Taylor Town Council and staff Sept. 4 for their assistance in working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to slow the water stream coming from state land that is flooding their properties during the monsoons.
Schelin thanked Town Manager Gus Lundberg, “for the help he has given us,” explaining that he extended the culvert across the road that they are on and “it helped to alleviate some of the water that was gathering at that point.”
Schelin noted that when the town cleared out the culvert, they found old tires, piston rings, pistons and all types of things. The Aug. 29 monsoon storm tested the culvert and they found out that “it is working very, very well,” said Schelin.
Lundbergalso put a warning sign at the end of the culvert so people wouldn’t drive into it, noted Schelin.
He explained that State Land above them to the north is not controlled as it comes down, and noted that the town has dealt with the same agency regarding a retention basin, which State Land denied. He asked for help in working with them to slow down the water, stating, “I don’t want to stop it, I just want to slow it down.”
One suggestion he had was a gabion cage approximately 12” wide that would be filled with rock and installed where the water comes onto private property, noting that he thought it would help slow down the water.
Twila Dennee explained the water flow in the area, and she and Schelin answered questions posed by council members.
“Is there anything we can do as a town to help Jay’s problem?” asked Mayor Fay Hatch.
Lundberg responded, “Again, being that’s a private drive, we’re very supportive of doing anything we can.” He went on to explain that one problem was the width of the road, which allows no room for drainage. “If people are willing to do things on their property, we’re willing to work with that,” said the town manager.
“Continue to work with our people and continue to let them know what the town can do to help with the process,” said the mayor. “If we can help you communicate with some of these government agencies…they may be more willing to communicate with a town than a private person.”
In other business, Lundberg and Councilman Carl Cosper reported on the annual League of Cities and Towns Conference. Cosper said that the classes offered were excellent and very informative. Lundberg said that the networking with officials of other cities and towns, and meeting other town managers was very valuable to him. Cosper agreed that in talking with other town officials about problems, he learned a lot.
A selection committee was set up to hire a town attorney.
Mayor Fay Hatch moved to have Lundberg, Town Clerk Kelly Jones, Councilmen Cosper and Lynn DeWitt, and Vice Mayor Shawn Palmer sit on that committee. The motion was seconded by Palmer and passed unanimously.