Sep 182013

By Naomi Hatch
The Town of Snowflake has completed the Water System Infrastructure and Energy Management Master Plan, and capital improvement and recommendations were developed that will improve the water system’s operational and reliability performance, Town Engineer Rob Emmet told those attending the Sept. 10 Snowflake Town Council meeting.
Emmett explained that in order to evaluate performance, a computerized hydraulic model was developed to replicate the town’s existing water system. Applying various demand conditions indicated that the water system was stressed. It showed maximum day demand (MDD), peak hour and MDD, and fire flow, so using the performance criteria for peak hour storage and operating storage, it was determined that there was insufficient storage in the service area for Well No. 4.
The master plan recommended that a minimum of 300,000 gallons of storage be added to this well site, so staff members approached Tetra Tech, Inc., a local company, for a proposal to design and provide construction services to install a 0.3 MG water storage tank at that well site.
A fee of $16,752 negotiated with Tetra Tech, and council unanimously approved the professional services agreement.
The master plan also recommended the elimination of Well No. 4 diversion for golf course watering, and the installation of a 12” waterline on West Seventh Street South from Centennial Road to west of Jake Flake Crossing that will allow water to be fed to that well during off-hours, supplementing flows during peak demands.
A $15,203 fee was negotiated with Tetra Tech, and council unanimously approved that contract.
Emmett also requested a plotter/scanner combination to enable the town to scan and copy information. They have been developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) to consolidate the mapping of infrastructure and to perform asset management, and this will enable them to print engineering standard-size maps or 24”x36” sheets.
He noted that a more significant application of the equipment is the scanner, because it will allow various departments to consolidate information such as plats, construction plans and surveys that will be stored in the GIS as electronic records.
Bids were requested from three companies. The low bid came from Plotter Doctors of Glendale for a Hewlett Packard T2300 Designjet Plotter/Scanner for $9,175.74.
Councilman Stuart Hensley suggested they table this item and give Perfect Printz in Snowflake the opportunity to bid. The council agreed and unanimously approved a motion made to table this item until the next council meeting.