Sep 182013

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Town Council approved a contract Sept. 10 with G&G Specialty Contractors for the sprinkler system, interior stairs, entry doors and rain gutters at the Academy Building.
The council previously approved funding from a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to go toward renovation of the Academy Building, but bids came in higher than the available funds.
Cathie McDowell, library director and project manager for the Snowflake Academy Foundation, has worked diligently to obtain extra funding.
McDowell advised the council last week that, thanks to Supervisor Sylvia Allen, Navajo County Manager Jimmy Jayne and Deputy Finance Director Mary Springer, the needed funding is now available.
The town set aside $145,492 from its CDBG funds and county money that was going to the Pinetop/Lakeside Senior Center for a paving project, which came in much higher than was appropriated, made it possible to apportion $20,000 to the Academy Building project, which will be used for the ramp and stairway project.
“Mary Springer is very committed to this project,” said McDowell. “She figured a way to do this.”
McDowell reported that the Navajo County Board of Supervisors met that morning and approved funding for this project.
Navajo County will pay $23,480 for the American with Disabilities Act approved ramp and the exterior stairs, $14,538 for a portion of the sprinkler system and $10,741 for the interior stairs, for a total payment of $48,759 from the county.
McDowell asked the council to approve the contract with G&G Specialty Contractors, noting that the firm submitted the low bid and the foundation has worked with this company in the past on the elevator project.
The Snowflake Public Works Department will be doing most of the digging and pipe installation on the water connect to town water for the fire sprinkler system.
“So at this point we don’t need to add money,” said McDowell, as she thanked Springer for coming up with a way to accomplish this.
“I would guess that we owe the county a great deal of gratitude and thanks,” said Mayor Kelly Willis.
McDowell said that they plan to recognize the county with a plaque on the ramp.
The mayor moved to approve the contract with G&G Specialty Contractors for renovation work at the academy building, and the motion passed unanimously.