Sep 182013

By Naomi Hatch
Because Taylor Elementary School feel short of being a B School by one point on AZLearns, school officials are required to submit an improvement plan, Snowflake School Superintendent Hollis Merrell explained at the Sept. 12 school board meeting.
One of the requirements is that at least 70 percent of the teachers approve the plan and the committee that developed the plan represented well over 70 percent of the teachers on the campus.
Principal Jeremy Hatch said that he met with teachers and they came up with the policy. He was very pleased with his teachers and staff, and with the plan of improvement.
The school’s teachers and administrators determined TES’s areas of weakness as indicated by the deficiencies from AZLearns, and formulated the plan to help the school eliminate those areas and improve its performance.
Under the plan, if the school’s teachers can demonstrate that they have effectively implemented their plan of improvement between November and the end of May, then those teachers will qualify for their performance pay.