Sep 252013

By Linda Kor
A policeman’s intuition led to the discovery of a body Sept. 13, leaving law enforcement puzzled as to the identity of the man.
Holbrook Police Chief Mark Jackson had been patrolling the Navajo County Fairground since 4 p.m. during the county fair and in the early morning hours following the closing of the fair, was driving the streets of Holbrook.
“I suddenly felt a strong urge to get out of my patrol car and walk the grounds of the old Knight’s Inn on Navajo Blvd. I can’t really explain why, I just thought something wasn’t right,” related Jackson. As he walked around the building to the lot behind the motel, which is overrun with weeds and brush, he spotted a man lying on the ground. “At first I thought he was just passed out, and nudged his foot and stated that there was no loitering allowed here. As soon as I did it, I realized he was deceased,” explained Jackson.
There was no indication that foul play was involved. Jackson suspects that the man likely died of natural causes earlier that night, but the autopsy report has yet to be received. There was no identification on the man, but he is described as a white male in his 70s. “We sent his fingerprints off for a hopeful identification, but other than that, unless someone comes forward we’re classifying him as a John Doe,” stated Chief Jackson.
Anyone who has any information on who this man might be is asked to contact the Holbrook Police Department at (928) 524-3992.