Oct 092013

By Greg Perkins
The Holbrook High School chess team suffered some disappointment at the Alchesay tournament.
The team had a close match against the Hopi Bruins, but when the boards cleared, Holbrook was victorious with a 3-2 win. A weakened Tuba City team was unable to trouble the Roadrunners as Holbrook swept the match 5-0. The shocker of the weekend was the match with the Kingman Bulldogs. In two previous meetings the Roadrunners defeated the Kingman team, but in the second half of the season the Bulldogs scored a resounding victory of 4½ to a half.
Three teams tied for first at the tourney: Holbrook, Blue Ridge and Kingman. The tournament director crunched the numbers and Kingman was awarded first, with Blue Ridge barely scraping past Holbrook for second. That made the third tournament in a row at which Holbrook received third place.
Holbrook Coach Daniel Mitchell was nominated and accepted as the Region I Coach of the Year for last year’s turnaround performance. Two years ago Holbrook lost every round except for one draw against the Hopi Bruins. Last year Holbrook made it to the state playoffs as one of the lowest ranked teams and finished in ninth place for 1A-5A teams in the state, and earned state runner-up for 3A schools.
The state director for chess has suggested that three teams from Region I should qualify for the state playoffs this year and Holbrook will be fighting for one of those spots at the Kingman Team Qualifier on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 11 and 12.