Oct 112013

By Sam Conner
Interim Winslow City Manager Dale Patton advised city council members Tuesday evening that the lobbyist they had hired recently had emailed him that a bill regarding the city’s old golf course has been introduced in the House of Representatives with support from representatives of both political parties, and stands a good chance of approval.
The bill would allow the city to develop the land on which the now defunct golf course was located. Without such action, the city cannot use the land for anything except a golf course for a considerable length of time.
Council members brought up several issues during the section of the agenda for council members’ business. Those included questions about a skateboard park, which was said to have plans progressing slowly, but much still needed to be decided.
The car show was said to have been a huge success, brought people into Winslow and drew good comments from the visitors. One councilman noted that the prizes awarded at the car show were unique and items that were truly collectables. He was lavish in his praise of the person who designed, constructed and donated the prizes.