Oct 112013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council heard a report on the Flagstaff shelter services program among several other interesting developments Tuesday evening.
Keith Sherman and Christopher Keeler spoke about the program which provides shelter, meals and a variety of services for the homeless and people in need. The organization’s main goal is to keep people from dying on the street. There were four such deaths in Flagstaff last year. Other services include mental health assistance, substance abuse help, and giving the needy help in finding and getting jobs. The speakers said that the organization wants to provide everything needed for people to better themselves.
The organization is funded by grants, private and corporate donations, and the work of volunteers. It is the only nondenominational shelter service in northern Arizona and would like to work with Winslow.
Mayor Robin Boyd said that Winslow would be interested in establishing a program and working with the Flagstaff group.
A public hearing was held on the intent to apply for a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rural development loan for wastewater treatment plant modifications. A speaker said that the two-phase project would be funded by a 40-year low interest loan of nearly $6 million, with $3 million coming from city funds.
Discussion of repairs to the South well tank in the city’s well field resulted in discussion of the state of the tank and the new well, which is fully operational at a lower than expected cost. There was concern about the tank and a decision to declare an emergency and move forward on addressing the problems.
There was discussion regarding an alternative site for an animal care facility. Locations suggested were near the Desert View Fire Station, and on Second Street between Prairie and alfred Avenues. There were several who spoke in favor of the Desert View location.
Discussion regarding interviews of city manager candidates resulted in David Coolidge’s proposal that the council be the interview panel for two or three candidates, and that the candidates’ wives also be brought to Winslow.
Though no executive session was held to receive legal advice regarding consolidated elections, Interim City Manager Dale Patton spoke about how the issue is being addressed and the problems consolidated elections would cause the city. He noted that with the plethora of propositions on the ballot proposed by legislators and citizens’ petitions, local issues could be lost, or voted up or down by people with no knowledge of the issues.
In other action Oct. 8, the council:
* Adopted an ordinance extending the intergovernmental agreement to provide water to Homolovi Park at in-city commercial rates.
* Recommended disapproval by the appropriate state agency of a liquor license application for the Dollar General Store at 705 Mike’s Pike.
* Approved a request for assistance and waiver of vendor fees for the 57th annual Christmas parade.
* Approved the check register and minutes of the Sept. 24 council meeting.
During the call to the public there were a number of speakers, including Stan Wagaman, an applicant for the city manager position. He said that he is a retired fire chief of Longmont, Colo., and Dillard, Ore. He noted that he is familiar with Winslow, and would like to work here as city manager.
Librarian Docia Blaylock spoke about the Friends of the Library book sale scheduled through Saturday, Oct. 12.
Kenn Evans thanked the council for their action on the Homolovi water item.
Roman and Dee Rodriguez spoke about trash problems.
Marie LaMarr spoke about enforcement procedures for the same issue.
An ordinance amending the city code regarding signs permitted in zoning districts was removed from the agenda to be discussed at the next council meeting.