Oct 112013

By Julie Wiessner
The Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board received the annual financial report Tuesday evening at Indian Wells Elementary School.
Business Manager Gary McDowell presented the annual report with highlights that included a $4.3 million cash balance in the 2012-13 school year. McDowell said of that amount, “It’s a nice cash balance that we began our school year with.”
With the state delaying some of its aid to schools until next July, McDowell noted, “We are scheduled to get $10.7 million from the state, but they are going to delay $3.9 million of that until next summer. If need be, we can borrow money to keep us running.”
Navajo County Treasurer Manny Hernandez has set up lines of credit with Wells Fargo for schools to use if there becomes a need for it. McDowell noted that it looked like the district would be all right for now, with no need to borrow money.
He reported that 89.3 percent of total expenditures went to salaries and benefits. Classroom site fund expenditures increased overall by 100.9 percent. This is a special fund that runs through 2020. “This amount has actually increased, it is the Proposition 301 fund from sales taxes. People are starting to buy again,” said McDowell.
The unrestricted capital outlay expenditures saw an overall decrease of 4.9 percent, while state projects provided minimal funding at $38,685.
The George Gardner Performing Arts Center has outstanding bonds in the amount of $3 million. “We borrowed $4 million, the Gardner Center is around seven or eight years old, we still have 13 years left on the bond to pay it off,” said McDowell.
The district’s average daily membership increased 3.4 percent, or by 68.431 students, which brings in more money per student.
There was a $1,424,368 increase in the cash balance to help stabilize the local property tax rate and offset delayed state aid payments.
The board also heard and approved a new standards based report card, as presented by Park Elementary Principal Connie McPherson and Indian Wells Elementary Principal Dr. Jerri McKinnon.
The report card reflects individual student progress for Park and Indian Wells schools’ first and second grade students, and was developed by the grade level teaching staff.
Superintendent Dr. Robbie Koerperich presented information on the district’s achievement and participation by ethnicity. The presentation complies with the Indian Community Participation policy requiring the governing board to give tribal officials and parents of Indian students the opportunity to comment on an equal basis on the school program.
Another policy requires the district to give an annual status report based on public school performance measurements to each Indian nation with tribal lands located within district boundaries and governed by the Arizona Department of Education.
The board approved Title I fund use for Sun Valley Indian School as the Holbrook district is the distributor of Title I funds for any low-income student populations or private schools that fall within the its boundaries. The board approved travel for SVIS employees Roger Everett, Sara Everett, Kris Miller, Erica Miller, Natalie Hoduk, Caitlyn Keel, Sharon Wilkins and Aaron Cheney to attend the Association of Christian Schools International Convention scheduled Oct. 17 and 18 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $1,525.13 to come from Title I funds.
According to District Federal Projects Director Julie Fields, “Private school participation in the Title I program was a mandate for passage of the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.
“The funds are to serve low-income students and private schools within our district boundaries that are eligible to receive funds on a per pupil basis as long as they reside in our district boundaries and are eligible for free and reduced lunch services.
“The funds are funneled through the HUSD from the state, and we are to work with private schools to provide supplemental services, including professional development.”
In other action Oct. 8, the board:
* Held the final reading and approved 12 policy changes recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) for bidding, reporting of hazards, reporting child abuse/protection, public solicitations in school, how reports in agendas should be formatted, the delegation of authority to the superintendent for certain instances, how a contract can be issued to a superintendent, confidential emergency response plans, tobacco use and smoking on school grounds, staff participation in political activities, animals in school and immunization of students.
* Approved the capital plan submitted by the district to the Arizona School Facilities Board.
At this time there was no request for new construction.
* Held the first reading of four new policy changes recommended by the ASBA on reporting accidents, how school districts report to the county school superintendent, professional staff certification and credentialing requirements, and meeting new Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requirements for Medicaid.
* Approved the hiring of Laurie Jones as a bus driver; Linda Best, Park School substitute secretary; Sandy Duran, substitute cafeteria help; Amberlyn Power, Holbrook High School game help; Don Tyler, Holbrook Junior High School game help; Teri Lester, IWES assistant after school basketball coach/intramural program; Javier Quantina, part-time groundskeeper/custodian; and Tristan Cook and Dalton Trujillo, HHS Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology student workers.
* Approved the resignation of Emilio Chavez as a substitute custodian.
* Approved the hiring of Jeremy Naranjo, Florence Trujillo and Mitchell Ross as substitute teachers; and Amy Chantelle Taylor, substitute and long-term substitute teacher.
* Approved extra duty for Mike McClellan, Connie McPherson, Dan Nielson, Lance Phaturos, Tim Newton-Pender, Ann Gardner, Connie Gover and Charlie Haussman as professional development presenters; Hoby Wilhelm, Janice Shirley and Cindy Wilhelm, IWES parent night daycare providers; Kristen Tremonti, HJHS head volleyball coach; Crystal Moorhead, Aaron Allooh and Chris Obren, HJHS game help; Tim Gurczynski, HJHS Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP), and Title I and III tutor; Estefana Chavez and Andrea Speers, HJHS Title I and III tutors; John McDaniel and Doug Radzanowski, HJHS Title I tutors; Taylor Lee, Joy Burroughs, Nan Newberry and Virginia White, HJHS Title III tutors; Caleb Moorhead, HHS game help; Ann Gardner, increased five contract days for inventory; and Marlena Day and Suzanne Powell, IWES professional development presenters.
* Approved volunteers Robert Alvarado for HHS soccer and wrestling; Javier Quintana Jr., HHS girls’ soccer; Jodi McGraw, HHS football and wrestling; Andre Swedberg, HHS wrestling; Mary Chee, Special Olympics driver; and Holly Christiansen and Michael Meeks, HHS band chaperone/drivers.
* Approved gifts and donations from the Lion’s Club to Park and Hulet elementary schools, $316 each for two bikes for students, and $200 to HJHS for the end of year awards program.
* Approved professional leave for Tammy Miles to attend Fairview training scheduled Sept. 16 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $11, plus use of a district vehicle; Janelle Chee, U.S. Department of Education Tribal Consultations and Listening Sessions, Sept. 12 in Scottsdale; Greg Perkins, eighth annual Coaches Clinic, Oct. 11 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; and Donna Campbell, Safe and Supportive Schools District Coordinators Conference, Oct. 4 in Phoenix.
Charlie Haussman, Cheryl Carlson, Ginny Novell and Richard McPherson, Association for Career and Technical Education National Conference, Dec. 5-7 in Las Vegas, Nev., at an estimated cost of $4,039, plus use of a district vehicle; Cale Allen, Hoby Wilhelm and Cindy Wilhelm, Grand Canyon Teacher Workshop, Nov.1-3 at an estimated cost of $117, plus use of a district vehicle; Vicky Craig, What iPad Can Do For You And Your Students, Nov. 2. In Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $100, plus use of a district vehicle; and Charles Haussman, Career and Technical Education and Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology local directors meeting, Sept. 26 in Mesa at an estimated cost of $153, plus use of a district vehicle.
Lorie Jensen and Beth Baloo, Building Capacity In Science Instruction, Nov. 13 and 14 in Mesa at an estimated cost of $682, plus use of a district vehicle; Dr. Jeri McKinnon and Will Voelkerding, Office of English Language Acquisition Services Conference, Dec. 11-13 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $1,630, plus use of a district vehicle; Daniel Orton, athletic director meeting, Oct. 4 in Winslow, use of a district vehicle; Stephen Rutherford and Brian Gohl, Next-Aire training, Oct 25 in Las Vegas, Nev., at an estimated cost of $334.30; Teri White, Career Tech meeting, Oct. 8 in Snowflake; and Teri White, Arizona Department of Education Training, Oct. 17 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $11.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers of $1,024,174.79.
* Approved payroll and expense vouchers in the amount of $1,213,996.41.
* Approved 2013-14 support staff professional growth in the amount of $6,215.39 and certified staff professional growth in the amount of $6,000.
* Approved fundraisers for HHS Swing Thing, HHS Student Council and HHS Science Club.