Oct 182013

By Julie Wiessner
Members of the Joseph City Unified School District Governing Board heard a presentation last week on the upcoming override election from Business Manager Steve Mills.
“This is not an additional tax, it is a renewal of the current funding already in place,” Mills advised the board.
“We have had an override for the past 19 years. It’s really integral to what the people are used to here,” he said. For the average homeowner, the cost of the override would be $19 to $50 per year depending on the assessed value of the property.
The cost of the override is approximately 21 cents per $100 valuation. A home valued at $100,000 would cost that taxpayer $21 per year.
If the district loses the override budget, one-third of the amount, or $120,667, would disappear in 2014-15, and in 2015-16 an additional one-third would be removed from the budget. It would be completely gone as a funding source by 2016-17.
“Around 75 percent of the maintenance and operations budget goes to salaries and benefits,” stated Mills. “It may not seem like a large amount for other, larger districts, but for Joseph City Schools, $360,000 annually, is a big chunk for us and would certainly affect staffing. It would be very difficult to continue on as we have in the past,” noted Mills.
Ultimately, the board would have to decide what to cut from the school district if it loses the $360,000 in override funding.
In other action Oct. 10, the board:
* Held the second reading of and approved 19 policy revisions recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association, including those on the board agenda, delegated authority, evaluation of the superintendent, school district annual report, bidding/purchasing procedures, report of hazards/warning systems, accident reports, emergencies, staff participation in political activities, professional staff certification and credentialing requirements, special instructional programs, animals in school, immunizations of students, medicines/administering medicines to students, reporting child abuse/child protection, public solicitations in schools, smoking by staff members, tobacco use by students and smoking on school premises at public functions.
* Approved the following appointments: Robert Tuckfield, Joseph City Junior High School assistant wrestling coach; Debbie Bremser and Kristen Beatty, substitute teachers; Dalton Hughes, Joseph City High School assistant wrestling coach; and Lance Baldwin, Cassie Bigler, Andy Brennan, Kim Brennan, Scott Brennan, Geri Buckley, Karsten Flake, Kourtney Johnson, Dana Johnstun, Sam Johnstun, Andrea Miller, Ryan Monzingo, A.J. Smith, Cheyenne Smith, Gayla Smith, Shauna Bryant, Jay Smith, Jim Smith and Raelene Stanton, sports events workers.
* Approved sports volunteers, including Jim Boose for JCJHS wrestling; Kevin Crosby, JCHS wrestling; Tonya Crosby, JCHS boys’ basketball; Dalton Hughes, JCJHS wrestling; and Alan Palmer and Jared Turley, JCHS boys’ basketball.
* Approved the annual financial report for 2013.
* Approved the 2013-14 301 performance pay plan.
* Approved maintenance and operations vouchers in the amount of $101,928.14.
* Approved the auxiliary fund voucher in the amount of $20,697.81.
* Approved payroll vouchers in the amount of $261,102.36.
* Approved the student activity fund in the amount of $396.54.
* Confirmed 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12, as the time and date of the next regular board meeting.